by Countess

It's funny how you fall in love @ first sight, 6 hour convo, sex, howeva else you wanna fall in love with the quicknes.... you seem to know wat u need in your life @ the time of meetin en caressin that special sum 1.....BUT wat happens wen you're still loving sum 1 and get into another relationship? Do you think it's fair to write poetry bout loving, caressing and wanting to be held by that person while you lay next to her and hold her @ night? Yes she might've had you in a sh*t storm but @ the same time you were lying to her and yourself.....It's always and untrue side to loving & getting into things you seem ready for but neva is....Why be untrue to yourself? Why feed that want in your body with replacement food? why not go after her, why not tell me the truth, that all the so called poetry you wrote bout me might have been the poetry for another? Liar, you were to me, yes I did you wrong but you also did us wrong and every other woman that comes into your life for you still

loving the one that let you go for cheating her heart out of the love you know you both could've made beautiful and probably still share all these years later......but don't fault me for the things I've done, I know my faults and now that I sit here and read all of your souls words I see that what I was saying for all those years being with you was and still is true, I'm not shocked, I know now you can't judge me for I knew all along.......Just sure my words were and still is the truth......

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