by Literal Reality

Maybe I did act foolishly
In putting you before myself more than occasionally;
Maybe I should have loved more realistically
But all I wanted was for you to love me unconditionally.

I freely
Offered you my all
And at first you accepted it all so willingly.
I guess I was blinded; not seeing our foundation capable to fall.
In my mind and heart we were so meant to be
But unfortunately
After a while you felt time wise in your life you werenít ready
To be full time committed or steady
So you pushed me away and tried to ponder in greener grass suddenly.

When someone loves a woman like I have you whole-heartedly
They wonít hold you to the hurt nor make you feel guilty
They wonít regret what the two of you once shared so mutually
(Even through the pain) They wonít want anything but for you to be happy
But they wonít be sure of hard a rekindled flame will occurring when you are ready.

Iíve learned my lesson in the tragedy
Of loving someone so much that when they are gone you feel you have nothing
And you canít even fake being happy.
All relationships arenít meant to be forever brewing
And you have to accept fate, whatever it may be.

I know, for love, I did act foolishly
Putting you before me constantly;
I know I wonít regret loving you regardless of what happened realistically
But even if by no one else (including you), self will still be loved unconditionally.
(Meaning I will go on with life and not feel because of another unhappy).

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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