by Sin_cere

Your nipples are hard
Your pussy is throbbing
Heart is pounding...
In expectation of me
My specialty is mental fucking
Experimental fucking
Beyond average
Sexual savage
Ready & willing to take advantage of your growing curiosity
I recognize your desire even though you portray otherwise
I got sumthin' for that lady between your thighs
& you know I do, too...

You want me to don’t you?
To fuck you in every way imaginable
Fuck you sideways
Fuck you from the back as you willingly bend over and take this ever hard strapped on dick
You want me to make you scream
In your most exquisite parts, want me to taste that cream
You want me to make you moan
…want me to take you home
Because you know I'll give you the most incredible fucking orgasm you've never had
Cocky, but with good reason
In anticipation of this sexual healing
Appeasing each and every one of your senses
An endless night of kisses
Endless night of licking
I’m here to alleviate your craving
Afraid to give in cuz at any given moment I can make you want it
I can make your strong-willed, independent, I'm every woman self beg and plea
& your temperature rise
You inadvertently part your thighs the moment that we lock eyes
Desire is a potent force...

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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