by Debi Lowe

I long for the next time I kiss her lips
I fantasize about her grinding hips
Passion that set my soul on fire
This sexy woman IS desire
Soft, sensual, she moans at my touch
Passionate, sexual, I miss her so much
I could make love to her for days at a time
The intimate moments are beyond sublime
Feeling her passion gives me such pleasure
This woman's skills are beyond any measure
She knows what I need without being told
She is the woman I am wanting to hold
Her lips are the only I want to kiss
Making her smile brings me bliss
I can see myself through her beautiful eyes
A side of myself that leaves me surprised
A sweet, fun, bubbly, intelligent girl
A woman who has her own hold on the world
Lisa brings out the very best I can be
She makes me want to be a better me
I miss her so much when she's not around
The impact she has is quite profound
I am surprised at how she makes me feel
I have a broken heart that still needs to heal
She makes my world a much brighter place
Just to put a smile on her face
Until I touch and taste her again
I will be longing and missing my friend

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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