by Musiqladee

Wondering if I linger on your mind like the taste of you lingers on my tongue.
Like the trails your fingers left behind as they strolled across my skin.
Like the tingles your lips left as you graced my body with the sweetest kisses a woman could ever feel.
You linger on me,
Like the butterflies you left in my tummy every time you say my name.
Like the waves of orgasms that rushed your body after our first time together.
Like what I long to feel everyday for the rest of my life.
You linger on me.
Like precious memories immensely overwhelmed by the strains of time hoping to stake a place in my heart.
Like the Mona Lisa you glare at me in absolute beauty.
You linger in me and in my mind
I still feel you warm against my body.
Wet between my thighs you slide in.
I feel you tight inside my core.
I am waiting for you to take me.
Feel me.
Feast on me.
But please take your time,
Let me linger on you and in your mind……

Copyright © 2008. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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