by SkyeRose

Do you believe that the look in your eyes tell me?
Those secrets
The ones that I never know...
Until you look at me
Like That

We go to dinner
And you smile at me
Laugh at me
Call me your baby
Talk about us
Future plans
And then
You look at me
Like That

We drink
And get giddy
Laugh some more on the couch
You call me loud
It must be the alcohol
I am tired
I want to go to bed
But you stop me
And then you look at me
Like That

Lights out
You're talking uncontrollably
Probably tipsy
I laugh at you
I love laughing at you
I enjoy laughing with you
And when I roll over to sleep
You run your fingers down my arms
In that tingly wingly way
I turn over to face you
And then you look at me
Like That

Your kisses become my alcohol
Your touch becomes my shield
And heat from my body warms you
Makes your legs sweat as we embrace
And when the intensity rises
And the passion takes us over
You look at me
Like That

You make apologies before it happens
Telling me
"Baby, you know I havent done this in a while"
But I already know
It's mainly because WE havent done this in a while
And as you begin to make "a while" my present
I lay my head back
And dream in my subconscious
I feel everything
As I am about to begin my third round of Everything
Nirvana hits
And that is when Everything starts back over

The grand finale of nirvana
And you meet me halfway to kiss
While you look at me
Like That

But before I can speak
You turn me to my side
And hold me
And re-assure your love never changes
Never fails
Because you love me
And I dream
And anticipate the next time
You look at me
Like That

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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