by Sewl

I rebel through these 44 years like a wisdom gangsta
your existence like steel on my waist
murdering negativity with my personal personification of truth
reborn with each and every well intended thank ya
I dance in the company of oppressions
Her shoes like word discharge leaking from shallow souls
I lick her bleeding heels clean like Campbell's soup
my eternal bowl becoming so immense
I am an exodus of word flows
Gaze deep into my soul to view infinity
like tomorrow is today and today there ain't shit left in me
If my time comes
I would still kiss you like the bitch they say you be
never regretting my days like the aimless
nor forsaking my southern memories like the nameless

I pour out my heart to you each and every second that I breathe
wear you red and exposed on my skin for all the world to see
live you zealous like a woman living beside you on the same earth
cherish grins and sins like our shared memories of a new birth
Please wake me just another day in your wetness
another day
to listen to my mirror speak truth in your common reality
Beauty fades but ugly holds its own
I recognize that the world surrounds you with one and the same
But I would live you over in a minute even so

I set aside time in my grind to cherish your gift
Devour your sugary offerings echoed in lips, faces and hips
Let my mouth by no means brand God's creation a HO
And if in my reckless years I speak of a woman so low
Let her be that wife on my arm
The HO in my bedroom and that bitch to my haters
Bless me with undying years to make our love greater
Then keep her true to the life and prefer my tongue over plastic
For I am a breathing manifest of love everlasting

You number the days that I exist and have graciously
multiplied them by six
But if by fate that figure increases by seven
Next I pray you gift me heaven

Copyright © 2008. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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