__________by DL

Iím feeling your rhythm
Iím Digginí on your vibe
Can we hang for just a bit?
Can I take you for a ride?

Destination satisfaction
With many pit stops at lustful intent
I have a full tank and a love for the vibrating glide
So we can go wherever your heart Ďs content

Letís hit it hard and bust it wide open on the open road
No stop signs or noís just yes pleases and letís go
Climb on board and slide your arms tight around my waist
Do you want to feel the excitement of my downshift?
Iíll give you more than just a taste

We can climb high peeks of pleasure
Or go down slow in deep cavernous terrain
We can kick up sand on moonlit beaches
Or get soaking wet as we fiercely roar through pouring rain

I can tell you have a need for speed
And throbbing chrome between your thighs
So come on now, your wasting time
Let me take you for a rideÖ

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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