Jai L.

At the bar and it's leather night. I look the part, but I'm not the part. Well not yet. I was having fun this was a new adventure for me. The club was crowed and the scent of bodies ~ sweaty flesh and leather was intoxicating to me. I mingled and tried to mack to some females, but I wasn't getting any play. I started to feel out of place, so I sat in the cut to observe the interactions of the actual leather women. I found that a higher level of aggression was needed in my hunt for ass.

As I sat there absorbing the comforts of my new skin, I began to feel charged, excited, and hungry. It didn't take long for attention to swing my way. I caught the attention of this female named Cleo, I was kool in the gang with the situation that was about to take place.

A fine chocolate delight stood beside me. "So who's Daddy are you?" She said straight to the point.

"Excuse me?" I asked.

"I saw you come in with a group and now you're alone. Are you single?" She asked as she pressed against me, testing me. I felt challenged by her action, the fine hair stood on the back of my neck and I felt warm with the rush of heat running though out my body. Gently I pushed her back and stood up, running my eyes over her entire body.

I introduced myself as we locked eyes. "I'm Christian."

"I'm Cleo." She answered in a low tone, her eyes were a soft brown as she looked away.

Aggressive ~ submissive female, I like! I watched her face for expression as I spoke to her, "Are you interested in a Daddy for the night?"

Now at this point I was winging it and going on natural instinct. I wanted what I saw, Cleo was dressed in a tight and very revealing black leather dress. Cut low in the front and the back was out, so if you touched her you couldn't help but touch skin. Nicely shaped body, curves that lead to a onion ass, perky breasts (38Cs). Oh yeah I got a good look! I could go on into a long descriptive paragraph trying to describe her, but making it short and to the point she was a beautiful black woman walking. I watched her lips form her words, the lipstick color was working for her. I wanted to tasted all the flavors of her lips and mouth. She looked away but stood her ground.

I stepped closer, "Well Ms. Cleo, are you looking?"

"Yes, I am and I'm interested in you, but I don't do one nighters." She answered with attitude letting me know that she was no “ho”.

"Please have a sit, would you like a drink?" I asked her.

"Thank you very much and yes I'll have a cosmopolitan." She replied.

We talked, trying to get a better feel for one another. The vibe was good, Cleo knew that she had found what she was looking for. Our conversation turned serious with her comment

"Christian, I don't need nor am I looking for a woman to take care of me, but I need a Daddy to take care of me."

Damn I liked how she stressed take care of me. "How does one take care of you?" I asked as I slid closer to her.

She smiled as she sipped her drink. "Well I'm not into S/M, but I do enjoy rough sex. Handle me. You know let me know I belong to you, not like property. But like only you know how to handle me and that I need to only be with you. No other Daddies can have this!" Those words flowed from her lips like water. Cleo was very confident. So this could very well be a match, we shall see. As we talked it got a bit nasty.

"Tell me what you want to do to me," she whispered.

I licked my lips and "dance" just came to me. "You'll dance for me, nothing nasty. Just let me watch you. I'll join you and we'll dance close. Touching you, feeling you in that leather dress. Touch and smell you. Grind against your ass. Pulling your dress up over your ass and if you have on underwear . . .Do you wear panties, throng or G-string?" I directed that question to her.

Cleo was still smiling when she said "G-string."

"Well you know those come off and become mine. My leather pants riding up against your lovely brown ass, Damn I can feel it. Can you feel it Cleo? Me grinding on your ass."

Her eyes were closed and she moaned "Oh yes!"

"I pull the top half of your dress down and play with your breasts, squeeze your nipples and bite the back of your neck." I finished.

"I'm wet Daddy, my pussy is so wet." She moaned.

"Is your pussy wet for me, you want my fingers to fu ck it, don't you?" I whispered.

Cleo bit her lip as she whimpered "Please Daddy, please! Fu ck my pussy good!"

I smile and continue to tell her. "I bend down and sniff your ass, the leather scent on your ass. I love it!"

Cleo opened her eyes and she held onto my arm as she slowly dug her nails into my skin moaning in my ear "You gonna lick my ass Daddy ? Please do it, I'll be only yours!!"

"After I spank you, get your ass red and heated" I replied.

She squealed "Oh shit! Hurt my ass Daddy!"

I was watching her lips as she said it and I had to kiss them. She moaned into my mouth as our tongues danced and Cleo held my arms tight, I held her by the back of her neck. That deep ass kiss had both of us on edge.

She whispered "Please no more, I need... I'm in need... please."

I asked her "Did you drive?"

"No I came with friends" she answered.

I helped her off the bar stool and followed her as she searched for her friends to let them know that she was leaving with me. When she found them, they wanted to play twenty questions with me while giving me the once over. I just gave them my card and I was thinking to myself, No - not going to happen not tonight. I have hot pussy getting cold here - hello!

Cleo was getting impatient "Hey-Hey I got business to tend to. I'll call you when I get home."

She wrapped herself around my arm as we walked out of the club and she whispered "Please Daddy I need you to touch my pussy, I don't know if I can make it home."

I'll give her the so needed attention she desires, but the lesson of control and discipline shall begin soon after.

I looked at her. "You will wait." She pouted and I found her so very cute at this moment, So I couldn't decide on whether or not she needed a nice spanking to get her attention as we walked across the street to the parking lot. It couldn't have been better; there were two SUV's parked on both sides of my truck. I smiled at Cleo as I opened the rear door, she jumped in purring. Sitting beside her I slid my hand across her leg.

"Take off your dress." I commanded.

As she peeled it off, her tits fell out. I licked and sucked them as she pulled off her dress.  She held my head pulling me into them, "Oooo suck them harder, please!"

All Cleo had on was a black G-string, thigh high stocking and black leather pumps. My hands between her legs on her wet pussy, that lace G-string was just for decorations as I tore it off her. "Ahhh Daddy," She cries opening her legs wide as I slid two fingers up in her. In and out with a little wiggle and she cries "That's it get in this hot pussy Daddy!!"

Damn I wanted to be in her, giving her long-hard strokes. I gave into my lust and grabbed my trick bag from under the seat. "I can't just give you a little, I gots to fu ck your ass right now!" I got out of my pants and strapped up, Cleo almost screamed as I ran my hand up and down Fatman, "Let me fill you with this." I love this member cause it spreads the pussy wide giving the woman so much more pleasure. With her back to me she eased down on it slowly, "Oooo-Shit!" She moaned. Now in this position she can control the force and speed of this backseat fuck.

I love to watch a woman work it out, the sheer enjoyment on her face, the passion in her moans.

Pinching her nipples I looked to make sure no one came up on us because Cleo was getting loud.

"Play with your clit." I said and in a labored voice she replied "You like that Daddy- ahhh shit!" I licked her back listening to the sounds of me filling her juicy kat. "Turn around baby!"

Cleo swung her leg over my head without missing a beat and I flipped us over so that she was sitting down, still up in her she bit my shoulder, the pain was delicious.

"You need to hit this hard for me, Daddy!"

I hooked her legs up and banged her for about three minutes before she started to climax, Cleo's body begin to jerk and buck. "Oh shit-Oh shit that's it ah, mmm-ah!"

She clawed at my back the scratches stung from the sweat and with the last down stroke she carried on so that I had to put my hand over her mouth to muffle her screams "i'm cumming-shit-i'm cumming!!! When Cleo stopped bucking I stayed up in her biting her neck. "I needed that Daddy, I think I can make it home now." She replied in a content voice. Cleo ran her hands over my body, "I can't wait to service you Daddy, You'll want to keep me- maybe collar me."
"We'll see about all of that later." I said pulling on Fatman and as her pussy released him, I would've sworn it said "Thank You" from the sound it made.

"Ooo-my pussy is still jumping" she whispered.

I was dressed and in the front seat adjusting the rearview mirror to watch her as she lay in the back seat playing with her still throbbing pussy. I started the truck thinking of my new (leather) skin and all it's new comforts. Inhaling deeply - I smiled.

Oh yeah, let's not forget the comforts of the flesh.

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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