I lay in bed watching the clock. She's not coming. Why am I even playing myself. I knew this was a bad idea to start with. I wanted to get up and throw on my Garfield pajamas, but the sleep I had been fighting was finally getting the best of me. Wait...was that a knock? My ears perked until I realized it was my horny ass neighbors going at it, and I was hatin', bad. I hadn't gotten any in over 6 months and had to listen to those two pratically bang a hole through my wall almost every night. It used to be a sound that I looked forward to, but the masturbation move was a thing of the past for me. I needed the real thing. My pussy was throbbing, and it was starting to look like my backup plan had fallen through. Damn.
Hours later, I was abrutly awaken by a loud thump coming from the direction of the livingroom. I jumped from my bed and threw on my silk robe with my heart beating double time. The only thing I could manage to grab in the darkness was a nail file and a can of hair spray. It wasn't much, but if there was burglar in the house, he wouldn't be able to take me down without a fight. I was prepared to spray him until his eyes stuck and poke until I drew blood.
As soon as I stepped outside of my bedroom door, I was apprehended. My weapons were forced to the floor as I was being pushed back inside of the room by my wrists. I wiggled wildly, struggling to break loose before I was tossed to the bed. The figure moved in closer until it hovered above me. The warrior that was in me was now scared shitless.
"You still like to fight I see." I still couldn't make out the image, but I recognized the smirk behind the voice.
I breathed a sigh of relief. "How the fuck did you get in here?"
"Tisha, calm down. I used my old key."
"I expected you hours ago. You scared the shit out of me!" I rose to my knees and swung at her with all the adrenaline I had left as she laughed, blocking every blow.
She grabbed a hold of my flailing arms, and pulled me in tight to her chest. "I missed you too," she said.
The smell of Kayla brought back memories. Eternity and leather. I melted right there in her arms. She took advantage by kissing my cheek, then my lips, and made a trail down to my neck. A moan escaped my lips simultaneously choreographed with the opening of my robe. Kayla palmed my naked breast and forced herself on top me down onto the bed. Her kisses were hungry causing my body to starve. Then her hand made its way down my left thigh, and I just had to interrupt.
I whispered, "Wait. Take your clothes off. I want to feel your body on mine." Kayla crawled to the foot of the bed and stood to take off her jacket and top while I undid her belt. Her jeans wouldn't come off fast enough, but as soon as they hit the floor, I buried my face into the crotch of her panties. I pulled at the elastic with my teeth, inhaling the scent of her womanhood. She ran her fingers through my hair, grinding her mound into my face and then pulled my head back with such force, it took my breath away. My eyes had adjusted to the night and I saw her staring down at me with the same seriousness that she wore on her face the day that she left me.
"Let me see that sexy ass." I didn't have to ask questions. I knew her like the back of my hand. She removed her panties as I assumed the position on the edge of the bed, robe lifted, exposed for all to see. "Shake it for me." It was just like old times. When she said shake, my ass clapped. I repeated the motion and she pressed her bare flesh against me to enjoy the jiggling sensation.
"You wanna cum on this ass, don't you baby?" Her head fell back and I knew I had her. I slid flat down onto my stomach, coaxing her to straddle me from behind. Kayla's breast felt wonderful on my back, and she was so wet, I could feel her juice trickle between my butt cheeks as she grinded into me. The vibration it sent to my clit caused me to return the favor and it sent her right over the edge in a matter of minutes.
"I wanna taste your pussy. Give me that pussy," She pleaded in my ear as she quickly flipped over onto her back. I removed my robe and took my rightful place on her face. Before I could settle in, she was already darting her tongue in and out of me, up and down me, and sucking in my wetness a whole lot faster than I could produce it. She fingered herself while I gave her the ride of her life and the sound drove me wild. I just had to have a taste. I decided against asking and simply turned us into a sixty nine position and tongue fucked her upside down with the same vigor she was dishing me. She took it as a direct challenge and set out to upstage me by sliding her finger in my ass as she feasted. Shit! She knew what that did to me. Her finger dove deeper with every lick. I tried to concentrate on sucking her ever growing clit, but I was about to bust. I couldn't take it. She sent my body shooting straight up, screaming into the dead of night. It was a dirty move but I had some tricks up my sleeve too. She must've forgot who I was on her short stay away, but she was about to remember.
I rolled off onto the side of the bed and grabbed her, pulling her legs open towards me. I wiped that little smirk right off of Kayla's face when I dropped to my knees and lifted her ass in the air. I seductively licked her from the crack to the opening of her asshole and inserted my tongue. That was her weak spot. She moaned uncontrollably and struggled to break free. I allowed it. "You forgot who's running this ma. Let me remind you." Then I stood and positioned myself between her parted legs. That made her nervous. Without warning, I rammed two fingers into her vulnerable pussy and quickly removed them. She gasped, and I had my turn to smirk as she begged me to keep going. "You want it, you gotta work for it." Kayla wasn't new to the game. She knew exactly what I meant.
I held my fingers at the very entrance of her opening, and though she tried to resist, so not to appear weak, she lost it. Her hole swallowed my fingers. She rocked back and forth as I presented her with more digits. "Three, Four," I counted aloud as she took me inside of her. "Come on baby, you're holding back. Don't hold back on me. Take this shit." I guess the pep talk was working because before I knew it, my whole hand was caressing her inner walls. I let her adjust for a minute before I formed a fist and threw her legs over my shoulders. She knew I was about to finish her off, so she just relaxed and let it happen.
Her orgasm was amazing. I felt her muscles tighten around my wrist and she just exploded. Her pussy gushed cum and it poured onto the sheets like a waterfall as she cried out with passion. Afterwards, I soothed her trembling with soft kisses while I slowly removed my drenched hand. I watched her cum for almost 5 minutes without a sound or physical contact. It was beautiful and very gracefully done.
"Tell me why we broke up again." She said moments later, glistening in sweat.
"Cause you ain't shit." I giggled.
"You think we can work it out?"
"Oh hell no, but don't let that stop you from coming through and seeing me once in a while."
"That'll be cool. That'll be real cool."
"I got your cool. Give me my fucking key back. I didn't forget." She pulled me down on top of her as we shared a big laugh. Then out of nowhere, the train ride through my bedroom wall pulled it's way out of the station again.
"Sean and Keisha still over there making all that damn noise?" Kayla asked.
"Well I guess we'll have to give them a run for their money for old times sake." It sounded like a plan to me.

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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