by Vonn Deep

Inhaling sweet smells...caressing incredibly soft skin
Anticipating the day your lips meet mine
Knowing that's when forever will begin
Was lost in a depressing dark cave
When I stumbled upon this gem
Not a diamond, not a pearl, but more like
A heart upon a stem
Our connection is the water , exchanging smiles makes it bloom
The longer we await to test this thing called fate
The more I yearn for soon
Anxious to experience the overflow of her shore
Swimmin to the deep end to drown
Till I cant drown no more
Her passion will revive me
The heat of her body will excite me
I'm dying until I feel her lips moan over mine breathing her love inside me
Waiting to wake up any day now
Realizing it was all just a dream
But I've went to sleep to her voice and keep awakening to the reality of this
Beautiful thing.
Simply stunned and amazed
At all we have gained
I dream of
Our skin complimenting each others in picture frames
Our bodies entangled whether
Love making or
Movie watching
Making her favorite dessert with a cherry
Onto and
Being connected like veins where our passion flows
Seeping from my pores
Sinking inside yours
Making our hearts grow
Not being able to describe
Just wanting to permanently subscribe
To a life of complete unimaginable bliss...
No longer want to wait
To test this thing called fate
Forever will begin.... the day of our kiss.

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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