by R. Prwsky

Our lives we spent together many years
Sharing our love, fears and tears
A life so complete, surreal and exciting
A life of love that knew no fighting
Until that day when we heard that Doctor say
Open heart surgery was needed right away

My heart dropped down to my knees
Lord let this be a dream please God please
I saw our lives flash before my eyes
Not knowing what to expect
The diagnosis caught us by surprise

As we planned for all of the possibilities
The good the bad and the unknown responsibilities
We held on to the love we shared
Our souls and hearts and fears we bared

I needed to be there for you
I was willing to walk through whatever we had to
Your domestic partner was who I was
Not afraid to show you love

The surgery went well as I prayed for just one breath
In the background is where I was really left
I learned that blood is truly thicker than water
I know everyone meant well
But not being able to help you hurt like hell

It doesn't matter anymore the pain has left
Cause God heard me and blessed you with one more breath

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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