by ApoetSoul

Is there a justification for this infatuation?
Can I get some relief for this anticipation?
I think we need to sit down and analyze this situation becoming more than just the rain that falls
You're the body that forms from precipitation
After the pain has drowned out you become my ex-factor my elation
The perfect words and hymns filling me with sinful sensations
No need for the dictionary this time it's all on your soul's interpretation
Picture and scripture the spiritual heights the ultimate elevation
I think I've had one of those soul shaking revelations
You're the star in my theatrical mentality, you co-write my innovations
My heart relaying to my soul what my lips can't bare to mention, but if you're reading between the lines you've already received the invitation
Kindred souls from a past life, we ignite fires while exploring God's creations
You're private prism of mental solidity is being invaded, no more procrastination
Adventure and explore the realms of possibility and feel my mental domination
I hand you these words in the hopes that you'll accept the of being my soul's inspiration
Basking only in the fruitfulness of your heart's realization
Not a jilted lover, but a Goddess captivated by mental stimulation
You had me after one song and a refreshing conversation
Had me contemplating, debating, and actually considering masturbation
Yet, I realized it was more than sinful lust, it was all mental soulful connotation
Profoundly, undeniably, inevitably, positively, and realistically you ARE my soul's inspiration
For the insight I've stumbled upon has no other truth or justification
You are no longer a client exotic beauty; you've just been scheduled for a life long litigation.

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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