by Countess

Spin off to the xtascy you seem to both share in a night of love making, Screaming my name, xpressing the power that you felt when I put it on you...... Respect goes out to the one who knows her way around the kitchen as much as I do/did..... Teach me my xtascy points, throw my body in the spinning twirl of emtions & cake :-) As your eyes are closed & all you can feel is the throbbing of one's insides & it breaks you into 1 million pairs of wings that your are about to sore with in a climatic flow of events.... Daddy pretty lips, sexy stud in my view, say my name once more, lemme show you more, caresses, passions, xtascy's..... Break you one more time......Juicy xtascy awaits us ma, let's not have it waiting too long......just close your eyes Juicy.

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