by SoulSearch

Drip Drop is the sound that flows in rhythm from my sacred place.

The beat that flows is so sweet, seductive and melodic.

but letís remix that shyt

make it hot and shyt..

letís be on some hard-core over produced track kinda shyt.

thatís what Iím looking for,

a hot beat that I can move to,

one that will allow me to pulsate then cum to.

Iím ready for you to...

lick it,

stick it,

beat it,

eat it, and drink it up as if itís the last call for alchohol.

My clit is the turntable and your tongue will be the hand that mixes and scratches.

You have the power to make may say "Yes,yes yaíll"

and sing in octaves that only your ears can hear.

Ummm there I go..this beat is HOT

my hips are on fire..

hittiní switches

rotatiní right-center-left then back

better jump on this ride, mah..before it speeds up..

tame this chic

two or three fingers will do the trick

put Ďem in..take Ďem out

you gotta show me you running this shyt without any doubt

abandon all thoughts and move to OUR rhythm that we are creatiní

we have our own beat machine..

the beats become faster, harder, and deeper with each thrust

keep it up 'till our pace slows

yeah you hittiní MY spot...

make me wanna holla..I'm dayum near in tears

my walls are closing in on you..

better get out quick..

the drips and drops are turning into a waterfall that I can't control.

the slow,melodic, seductive beat is back..

this beat is a tempo that only two lovers can share.

I didnít know it could feel like this..

be like this...I'm feigning for some more of this


that was just the intro

15 tracks to go...

next time

letís add the bass

to see how nasty

we can make our flow...

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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