by B.J.Ental

I wait for night—with my heart seething in
Things gone by—and hoping
For a future of things to come, I wait for
Night, the darkness that soothes my soul—the darkness
That covers me whole—days are long and hard—I find peace in my
Slumber—you see, since I left you, I have had my heart
Broken by quite a few—I have reached out to those who look,
walk and talk like me only to find that there is always
a thin line—the thin line that defines fear, attraction, wants, desires
and needs—as I approach these new found urges, I am like the new kid
on the play ground, I don’t understand, nor do I really know the
rules—So I leap when I should use caution—I open my heart
when I should be protecting it like the treasures of Fort Knox.
Foolish me, I guess I hoped all to be—seeking solace and
A connection in places that were too barren to want affection, in
Places that could not support passion—I put my heart out
there and found that this kind of love I really must do without—
I must step back- I wait for the night—I wait for the peace the
Quietness that my heart beat brings, as I clearly begin to see that
There really is no-one that can love me like I am suppose to
Love me—I wait for the night, the beauty of escaping in
Slumber cannot be described in words.. I wait for the night..

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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