by Toby1012

I can taste your peaches
Feel your cream
My hands stroking your ass
And all in between
I love this picture
Of you and me
Just thinking about it
Makes me weak

I want you so bad
Donít know what to do
ĎBout to lose control
Jump all over you
Canít do that
Hafta be cool
Canít show you the way
You make me drool!

I try to hold on
Itís so hard to do
I love the way you feel
Me on top of you
I must stay cool
Must remain calm
But Iím about to come
From the way you moan

I try to hold it in
Itís getting to hard
Iím giving it to you
With all of my heart
You moan and squeeze
And just as you come
I let go of me
And weíre both done

Iíve waited for this
The magic of love
You only get one
Sent from above
But who is that one
For I cannot see
Cause she has no face
Itís only a dream

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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