The first time I saw her, I was in awe. This thick, succulent, caramel toned, vibrant, woman had me at hello. Now I usually don't believe in the tale about love at first sight, but after seeing her, I was very much indeed interested. I was at a friend of mines, Daryl, who was having a cookout by the pool. I was just enjoying myself, listening to the music, talking with some friends, watching the kids play and that's when I saw Precious. She had this aura about her that outglowed the sun. It was intriguing.
"Daryl, who's that?" I asked.
"That's my niece, Precious. Why, what's up?"
"Man, she's the most beautiful lady I've seen in San Antonio."
"Negro, she's also straight, so don't even think about it."
"Too late." I said.
At that moment I thought about forgetting her, but Daryl's fiancee, Kesha, brought Precious over to meet me. "Hey Christy, I want you to meet Daryl's niece, Precious."
"Hello, nice to meet you," she said with her hand out towards me.
She felt so soft. "The pleasure is all mines."
"You look familiar, do you work at the DMV on Perrin Beitel?" she asked.
"Yes actually I do."
"I knew that smile from somewhere."
I began to blush. I looked over at Daryl and caught him rolling his eyes at me. I smiled and then offered Precious my seat. I got shy and made up an excuse like I have to run to my apartment to get the rest of the meat. On my way back, most of everybody was in the pool swimming, except for Precious. I knew this was my opportunity to get to know her one on one.
"Hey, I brought you a beer, I hope you like Miller Light." I said hoping I picked out the right one.
"Thanks, I appreciate it. I didn't want my daughter to leave my sight, considering she's just learning how to swim."
"Understandable. Who is your daughter?"
"The one holding onto the noodle with her life. Jasmine, you gotta kick your feet ma!!"
"She looks just like you."
"Yeah, she got her mama's good looks."
Yes, indeed. "So what do you do for a living?" I asked trying to make small talk.
"I'm a waitress at Jim's."
"I've heard of it, just never ate there before. Is the food good?"
"Yeah, it's pretty good. Not to toot my own horn, but not as good as my cooking."
"So you cook huh?"
"Yeah, that's what I do. I cook meals, I don't cook no box meals, like some of these young folks do. My child has always had a hot home cooked meal, such as steak, homemade mash potatoes, string beans, cornbread, you name it, I cook it."
"That's what's up. I like that. Not alot of people can do that."
"And I'm not alot of people baby. You cook?"
"Lady, I can make a meal that will make your tongue slap your brains out."
"Well alright then ma. You might have to cook me a meal one day."
"I just might."
I was enjoying my conversation with Precious. Not only did I found out about her career, her daughter, and the fact that she loved to cook, but she can sing her ass off and I loved it. You can't even compare her to anybody, because she had her own style. I was admiring this woman by every second. Before I knew it, it was time to eat. We all sat and ate, talked, and afterwards, went back to Daryl's house to chill for awhile. I didn't even noticed that Precious and I were talking all night long. So when it was time for her to go, I decided to ask for her phone number so we could keep in touch. Lucky me, she gave me her house, cell and work number.
"Now, are you going to call?"
"Yes, I am going to call. I enjoyed you tonight. I'll call you when I think you got home to make sure you got there safe."
"Likewise, and thanks. You take care and I'll talk to you soon."
"You too, goodnight."
I felt like being goofy and busting out with the Moonwalk, instead I walked her and her daughter to the car and said my goodbyes once more. I went back inside Daryl's house and saw him rolling up a blunt.
"Christy, you gonna smoke this with us?"
"Yeah, then I gotta go home."
"What for? Your roommate ain't got you on curfew does he?"
"Hell naw, I just got a call to make."
"Hmm. So what were you and Precious talking about?"
"Nothing really."
"Yeah right. Ya'll two been talking to each other all night. I sent 4 niggas over there to meet my niece, and she shot all of them down. Now what were ya'll talkin bout? You thinking bout sleeping with her?"
"Why I always gotta be wanting to sleep with somebody Daryl? I was just chatting with her. She can hold a damn good conversation and I haven't had a good ass conversation like that in months."
"Mmm hmm. Hit the blunt. I still say you trying to fuck her."
"Oh what ever negro!"
After our little "pow-wow" meeting, I said my goodbyes to Daryl and my friends and went home to give Precious a call. We sat on the phone for 5 hours and even when it was time to hang up, we both didn't want to go. "Precious, you know I'm a lesbian right?"
"Yes, Kesha informed me of that."
"So you're cool with that I see."
"Why wouldn't I? You're grown and I'm grown. I'm guessing Uncle Daryl told you I was otherwise huh?"
"Yes, he told me you were straight."
"Not so straight. But I see you asked about me?"
Busted. So soon."Yeah, I did. I won't lie, when I saw you I thought you were cute."
"Don't tell me your the conceited kind of woman."
"No baby, I'm not conceited. But I don't have low self-esteem. I know that God didn't create any mistakes on me, so therefore I know I'm a beautiful creation."
"I like that about you. Your confidence is a turn on."
"You like that huh?"
"I love it. So when can I see you again?"
"How about next Friday night?"
"That's good with me. My room mate is gonna be gone for that weekend. So come over to my house and I'll cook dinner for you."
"It's a date."
I couldn't wait. Next Friday couldn't get here any sooner. We talked for hours when we weren't busy, even when we were at work, we was on the phone. I felt like that this can be something special. When Friday came, I got up early that morning to go shopping for some food and some extra house cleaning, hell I even cleaned up my room mate's room.
When she arrived, my mouth dropped and my heart jumped. She glammed up for me and she was an eye full. "Damn Precious, you look gorgeous!"
"Thank you, you look sexy yourself."
"Well I try. Come in, have a seat. Would you like some wine?"
"Yes please."
"Dinner's ready, I'm just cutting up some tomatoes for the salad, then we can eat."
"A salad. You went out the way huh?"
"No not really.....yeah I kind of did." We both laughed as we made our way to the table.
"Dinner was awesome Christy."
"Thank you, just thought I'd shed some North Carolina style on you."
"You did good. I never had anyone to do anything like this for me before."
"Really? Well I love to spoil my dates rotten, but I try not to give too much too soon, you know."
"Well how much are you willing to give tonight?"
"Enough to keep you on your toes."
With that being said, I headed towards the kitchen to wash dishes and to let the statement sink in a little. Out of nowhere, I felt her arms wrapped around my waist and her cheek on my back She traced her nails up and down my arm, making my pussy tremble with delight and my heart raced faster.
"I don't usually kiss or make love on the first night, but there's something about you that's telling me that you are what I want. And I don't wanna miss out on this chance." she said holding onto me tighter.
I turned around. "We don't have to."
I placed a kissed on her forehead and then our lips met. I hate to sound corny but it was something magical about that kiss. I felt something totally different than I ever felt before. I just let my body and emotions go. Our kisses got intense by every second, like we wasn't going to have this chance ever again. I could feel myself getting wetter with each touch. I picked her up and carried her to my bedroom and sat her down on my desk.
"I wanna feel and taste every inch of you." I said breathily while taking off her clothes and then mine.
"Christy, please, make me cum." She demanded of me.
I couldn't do anything but to oblige by her wishes. I grabbed her and laid her on my bed. I could feel her wetness between her thighs on my thighs. I placed my hand over her wetness and caressed her clit while moaning in her ear that I want her. She dug her nails deep in my back causing me to nibble on her shoulder and neck.
"I wanna taste you."
"Mmmm, you feel so good" she said as I sucked her clit into my mouth. I began to ravish her pussy with my tongue, like I had no control over it. "Oooh Christy, that's what I'm talking about, fuck that pussy like it's yours."
That was all I needed to hear. I had asked her to lay on her stomach while I was getting my handcuffs and strap out of my "naughty drawer". Then I pulled her ass up in the air, gave her spine a lick and few kisses before grabbing her hands and placing the cuffs on her, and then cuffing her to the bed. I could feel the anticipation and excitement she was feeling. I started sliding the head up and down her slit and slowly entered her dripping wet pussy. My nipples & clit got hard when I saw her pussy swallowed all of my dick.
"I want your pussy to cum all over my dick baby" I demanded as thrusted against her pussy.
"Awww fuck Christy! Mmmm..grab my hair baby..."
"You gonna cum for me...." I moaned.
"Yes baby, I'm gonna cum all over your dick, oh shit!"
I began pounding her pussy harder with each thrust, causing her to bounce back even harder. The next thing I knew my headboard was knocking against the wall causing dents, but I didn't care, all I wanted was to please this woman. Plus I was cumming on myself when I felt her juices flowing down and splashing against my thighs.
"Oh fuck Precious! I'm cumming!"
"Damn baby, let me taste you."
I unlocked her handcuffs and she guided herself between my legs and lapped up all of my dripping cum from my pulsating pussy. I started to feel myself cum again when I felt her fingers go deep inside of me. This woman was incredible. The next morning, I woke up to a familiar smell. Something that reminded me of home and my mom. I got up to find my robe and headed towards the kitchen. There she was, in nothing but stillettos and an apron, cooking breakfast for me.
"Good morning." I said with a smile as I came up behind her to hold her and nibble on her ear.
"Good morning love. I thought I would cook you breakfast this morning, since you cooked dinner and satisfied me last night."
"Well I hope this isn't just a one time thing, because I can cook dinner again tonight. But bring your daughter over, we can watch a movie and play a few games afterwards."
"That would be lovely Christy." she replied.
"Then it's a date then."
"Yes, it's a date, love."

The End

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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