Rayne 2. Marzett

B-Boy says what? I think Iím in love, and have been since the first time I heard her say, ĒHey Boo.Ē I remember the first time I saw her I thought to myself, ďSheís cute!Ē. Chilling quietly amongst a small group of her friends. They were a typical gang of familiar types. Thug looking black men all dressed in white t-ees and saggy britches. She stuck out from them like a sore thumb. She was dressed casually and had a different appeal; not what Iím used to seeing a stud look like. She had this look about her that oozed warm and cuddly. Which later Iíve come to know is the truth. Every since weíve introduced ourselves Iíve thought of nothing else. Everyday that we spend together I get to know a little bit more about her. Sheís slowly taking me on a personal tour of her world, thoughts, and habits. I must admit Iím enjoying the ride.
There are things about her that I just find so interesting. Her quirks that Iíve come to love so much. She has a crazy pattern of speech that makes me wonder how her brain works. Between the combination of words and they way she makes it sound I find myself becoming mesmerized. Especially, if Iím looking in her deep dark eyes, wow! It drive me mad sometimes because she doesnít say much. Itís like sheís teasing me which leads me to provoke her into conversation from time to time. Now thatís just sexy.

Iím waiting on her to touch me and I donít know how much more I can take. There are times when Iím talking to her on the phone and I start fantasizing about her touching me. Then, I starting touching me. I think sheíll be an amazing lover just from her mannerisms and the gentle way in which she interacts with me.
I think and my mind's eye plays out the first time. I imagine her foreplay is mind bending and that gets me so worked up. She will push me to the point where thereís no turning back and Iíll only want more. Sheíll give it to me if I beg I know, but it will be on her terms. I canít take these thoughts much longer. Iím about to lose control as my body contracts. I have another round of self induced orgasms just thinking about what her touching me would be like.
Iím trying so hard to let her be the one to make the first move. I want to see where her head is at. How she treats me and what she really wants from me will come out over time. Iím loving it. Iím so ready to give myself to her. I just need to know that she wants me. I want her to come to me and request it verbally or physically. I need to look in her eyes and see the desire she has burning for me. Then and only then can she have me. Iím not going to throw it at her and hope she catches; thatís just not me. But what I will do is tease her with it. Let her know where the real upper hand lies. Iím waiting.

Damn, the gentlewoman does have me dancing at her whim. Conversation, wine, and music did play well together this night. She says that Iím glowing and I know itís because I feel so good. The mood is right and the evening is going like clock work. Slow, steady and with precise movement, her and I are in a groove; stuck in a funk. The vibe in the room pushes us closer together and turns up the heat. We went from having dinner to playing scrabble to her giving me a backrub in what seem like no time flat. Itís started now and my brain presses record as I lavish in sensual strokes from her hands across my naked back. From the way sheís doing it I donít have to tell her, ĒThatís my spot.Ē I can just concentrate on the waterfall that is beginning to cascade from between my legs.
I feel so good, so relaxed, and so free that I donít think Iím going to be able to behave myself. All the stress is gone because I know sheís getting ready to take care of everything. I shall not want. Her massage is cleverly done and she transitions well into the next phase. I feel her lips introducing me to their more erotic side. Something Iíve never seen only heard about. I want them everywhere, especially the important places. I need those lips to meet my ďfriendsĒ and hip them to some newness.
If her lips are the beginning of something this catastrophic, then surely her tongue must be the end. Or maybe it goes beyond that. We switch positions and get this show on the road. Sheís on top of me and I canít breathe because the feeling of ecstasy is so tight gripped around me. I just want some release. Things have been building up for to long. Sheís making me moan and I start to let it go. I whisper the quickest way for her to help me get rid of it in her ear and instead she took the southern route. With those lips and that tongue, I wonít complain in the least bit. She has me feeling like this is her shit so, I loudly forfeit my rights. I feel myself shaking and get scared that I wonít be able to handle it all, but somehow those lips convince me and pull me through. Thank God for those lips and that tongue.
Sheís something altogether different when she straps on her little friend. Of all the things in the world to introduce me to it had to be ďhimĒ . When Poppie comes to town all my plans are over and through because heís going to have his way. Poppie gets down and dirty and plays way to many games. There were times when I had to climb the walls in an attempt to get away from him. She had him stuck in my spot and taking up all my space. I turned my back on him once and she turned up the vibration before penetration forcing me to bury my face. My screams didnít stop him from running in and out full steam. I must be losing my mind cause Iím panting, ďNo donít stop.Ē My senses are gone and canít seem to keep my mouth closed except when Iím biting my lip. Iím sloppy drunk off his concoction poured on me like a passionate soak. ďAy Poppie! I hear you. Iím listing to ever word you say. Yes, Iíve been a bad girl. Please donít hurt me.Ē I feel like Iím preaching to the choir. Damn, Poppie knows how to make me give it up every time. When heís around I willingly submit and fall to my knees. He gets his respect up front and I get my pleasure in the end. Win, lose, or draw?

I still feel the flames of desire dancing across my flesh. Iím to tired to put them out and lay there hoping theyíll just die down on their own. Never could I have imagined such things taking place. I should be used to that by now. Sheís always keeping me on my toes. Hitting me with the bait and switch. Just when I think I have her figured out and pegged, she removes herself and creates something new.
B-Boy sayís what? Iím definitely in love and have been since I first heard her say, ďHey Boo.Ē I met someone that gives patience, love, and understanding. Iíve tested her and sheís proven herself time and time again. Weíve got love, weíve got trust, and weíve got a great connection. The likes of which Iíve never seen or felt. I remember what she said to me the first night we met. I can hear her saying, ďHey Boo,Ē so clearly. I can remember us falling in love.

The End

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