Educated Beautii
(Dedicated to Shooter, I love you baby! You are my wife, my heart, my everything.)

No alcohol involved
Just your exhilarating kisses
Your arousing touch
The look in your eyes
And I'm consumed-
With passion
My heart begins to beat faster
My body becomes ignited
By the warmth of your touch
My temperature begins to rise
And I begin to envision-
You trailing passionate kisses down my body
Causing me to overdose on this drug called Desire
And my love becomes aroused
And I can imagine you exploring the depths of my love
Plunging inside of me
Becoming one with me
Taking me on a roller coaster of a ride
Making me feel a euphoria unknown
Causing me to drown in ecstasy
Utter your name out of passion
Damn baby
I can feel my love begin to trickle down my thigh
I wonder if you notice
As you continue to kiss and caress me
My fantasies of you are endless-
Of making love to you until I become senseless
So when you see that slight glare in my eye
Know that you have me intoxicated
If just by a simple smile

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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