The ground shifted as She emerged from her earthen tomb. At just over six feet she was impressive sight to behold. The moonlight gleamed off her dark mahogany skin and perfectly shaped, completely bald head. Adding to her allure was a taut muscular body with small upturned breasts, solid six pack abs and powerfully muscled legs. The air of danger that surrounded her, however, offset her beauty and gave her an untouchable air.
She awoke ravenous and slowly began walking toward the pulsating lights in the distance. As her body moved closer to full strength her pace quickened until, with blinding speed accompanied by a concealing mist, she blurred into invisibility as she made her way out of the darkness into the city lights.
Even at this hour people milled about, though none could see her as she moved freely among them. As their thoughts began to slowly filtering into her mind She smiled at the very graphic thoughts of a man in a wheelchair. Apparently he thought it would be greatly entertaining to be passed among the construction workers that were strolling along the girders of the high rise being built across the street. In his fantasy he could feel everything from the waist down and was greatly enjoying being sodomized by an immense burly man with an incredibly large penis as he performed fellatio on another equally well-endowed gentleman.
Summoning her mental power, She sent the wheelchair bound man the physical sensations that accompanied his thoughts. She laughed to herself as she saw his eyes close and his body shudders with a powerful orgasm. Leaving him bewildered and overjoyed with the almost forgotten sensations she moved on.
Striding toward a seedier part of town the thoughts became darker and more dangerous. "My kind of people." she thought. Moving into a dark alley she watched several transactions of flesh and currency. Smelling the heat and sex her nostrils flared as she searched the dark for a suitable victim.
At the end of the alleyway she spotted a blond woman entering alone. The woman was no more than a child but she had the eyes of someone much older. Scanning the woman's mind she saw abuse both physical and mental from the man that was supposed to be her father. Her mother was a draw, beaten woman who, while wrapped in her own misery could offer her daughter no solace or comfort. Having long ago lost all hope her mother believed it was their lot in life and never attempted to leave the man that would eventually kill her in front of her then ten-year-old daughter. The young woman's feelings of loss and worthlessness had driven her to this dark place in her life, though in her heart she was still pure. It was this purity that made her so attractive. Coming to a halt inches from the unsuspecting young woman She began to speak.
"My Bella, my beautiful child let me hold you. Let me love you. Let me be your father. Let me give you what you need." The words were spoken in a swift almost inaudible whisper. Looking about in confusion the young woman saw no one but continued to hear the hypnotic, beautiful voice. "Let me hold you. Let me give you everything. I will be your true love. I will give you life unlike any you have ever known." She continued. Visibly relaxing, coming under the thrall of her unseen mistress, the young woman closed her eyes and whispered, "Please."
Having received the ascension that She craved, She drew the young woman into the shadows and sank her fangs into the willing jugular. Drawing away the lingering fear and pain She drank from the young woman.
Feelings of intense pleasure swam through the young woman as her body exploded in orgasm. As her life drained away, her final thoughts were filled with peace and tranquility. In her mind she was home again, living the life she had always dreamed. Her mother and father loved her dearly and her life was filled with happiness and bliss for all eternity.
Laying the now lifeless body in the alley, She moved on. Though She had drained the young woman She was not yet satisfied. As her mist began to surround her She suddenly found herself face to face with an incredibly beautiful woman.
The woman was of an indeterminate age, her caramel colored skin showing no lines. Waist length locs crowned an angular face with dark, slightly slanted, laughing eyes and a radiant smile. She was tall, standing not quite six feet. She wore a flowing gown of silver and pale purple that reached to the tops of her surprisingly bare feet. "I am Zaina." The woman said, "I've been waiting for you."
Before She could react Zaina took her hand and instantly transported them to an open field far from where they began. There were dozens of woman here, all dressed similarly in flowing gowns of many jeweled tones. Music of an unknown origin was pulsing through the air as the women danced around a roaring fire.
Unable to break from her beautiful captor, She was drawn inexorably toward the fire. Coming to a stop within the very midst of the flames Zaina finally spoke again. "You have been gone from us for too long Young One." She intoned in her melodious voice. "We had not time to name you."
"I need no name. I know what I am!" The vampire exclaimed in a harsh whisper. "Who are you; why have you brought me to this place?" Laughing Zaina answered, "Ahhhh, youth! So cocky and headstrong! You know not where you come from or for what purpose, yet you believe you are invincible. Such folly! Tell me little one, do you know how you came to be as you are?"
Searching her memories She tried to remember her life before waking on that night. She recalled vague images of fire, screaming and of death. There was a darkness passing through a place she thought she recognized but she could not be sure. As anger and confusion settled into her eyes Zaina reached out and began to stroke her cheek. "Be not troubled."
At Zaina's touch, She was instantly suffused with a feeling of comfort. Leaning forward She laid her head on Zaina's shoulder. "I have brought you here to show you who you are and to give you a name. What came before is of no importance."
Still holding Her close Zaina began to murmur in Her ear. She spoke of past and future and of birthrights and chance. Zaina filled Her mind with images of those that came before her and told of adventures long past but were real and unforgettable. She spoke of promises and destiny and of the deeds that were expected of her.
Standing in this trance, She felt herself lifted by many hands. She was carried to an altar at the very center of the clearing and placed gently upon it. The hands continued to caress her. She felt hands stroking her head, her breasts, stomach, and lower. Someone had begun stoking the outer lips of her sex. A small growl escaped her lips as the hand continued stroking her until She became moist and open. First one finger than another slowly entered her causing ripples of pleasure to course through her.
As her back arched driving the questing fingers deeper into her She saw Zaina standing at the foot of the alter. Gone was the gossamer gown instead she stood gloriously naked. Zaina's body was softly curved and voluptuous. Her large soft breasts hung slightly low giving her a nurturing appearance. Her softly rounded belly and dimpled thighs begged to be caressed and savored. Her caramel skin was adorned with caricatures carved into the skin. Suns and stars, moons and constellations danced across her skin giving Zaina an otherworldly appearance. Her waist length locs danced with a life of their own as she lay upon the alter covering the young vampires body with her own.
Slowly Zaina began to move. Gasping for breath, the vampires' body was fired with sensations. Somehow with Zaina body covering her the questing hands still managed to continue to caress her body. The sensations were mind blowing. To feel completely covered yet still have hands dancing along your skin as if disembodied. It was almost more than the vampire could stand. Her body arched as guttural moans began escaping her lips. Above Her Zaina tilted her head and offered her neck. Sinking her fangs into Zaina's neck she instantaneously exploded into a mind numbing orgasm that only seemed to only grow stronger as she continued drawing life from Zaina. As her body rocked and shook for what seemed like eternity She heard Zaina voice within her mind.
"Xana, mistress of the night. Dark lord of all you survey. Awaken with new eyes."
Sitting up suddenly in her bed Xana, gazed around her bedroom as a full moon shined through her window. Drifting out of bed she tried to recall the dream she had been having. "Oh well." She thought to herself as she got dressed to go out. "The nights young and I'm starving." As Xana locked her door soft laughter could be heard drifting through the air.
The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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