The day had finally arrived that you and I longed for. Just yesterday we talked on the phone and agreed to meet at the club. I arrived at the club at the time we established. I walked in the door and made my way to the bar. As I was buying a drink, I heard a familiar voice say, “Make that two”. I turned around and there you were standing beside me. I paid for our drinks and I told you to follow me. We made our way to a table to sit down.
“You look nice,” I said admiring how your fitted red shirt and jeans clung to your skin.
“Thank you,” you said. We made small talk for a while until you decided that you wanted another drink.
“I’m going to get me another drink, would you like one?” you said.
“Yes I would, get me whatever your drinking,” I said. While you walked to the bar a smile came across my face. Then my eyes began to roam the crowd. I didn’t even see you come back.
“See something interesting,” you said.
“Now I do,” I said continuing to smile.
“What’s that,” you said while putting the drinks on the table, sitting down.
“You,” I said while taking a sip of my drink.
“Oh thank you, your so sweet,” you said while sliding closer to me. I could tell someone was beginning to be a little daring but I didn’t mind. I could feel my heart racing as I inhaled your intoxicating scent.
“You know I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately,” I said.
“What about me?” you said.
“I’ve been thinking about how you taste and how your body would respond to my every touch,” I said.
“Wow, I don’t know how to respond to that. I know we both are really curious about each other and would probably jump at the chance,” you said.
“I know I would because I find it hard to contain my thoughts about you and I began to want you more,” I said.
“Oh really, so what do you suppose we do about this,” you said.
“I’d say we start off dancing then your just going to have to go with the flow,” I said as I stood up reaching for your hand. When you stood up it took everything in my power not to tongue you down on the spot. I lead you to the dance floor and I began to walk around you trailing my hands around your shoulders. Your eyes fixed on me as I stop in front of you. I winked at you and flashed a smile. I could sense that you wanted to know what I was going to do next and at any minute you probably was going to ask me. So, I put a finger to your lips then I walked until I was standing behind you. I closed the distance between us as I slowly lifted your arms in the air. I started moving seductively as I put my nose to your neck deeply inhaling your scent. I moved the tip of my nose around all the places I wanted to replace with kisses. I felt you began to move your hips against my pelvis in unison to my movements. I ran my hands down your arms, along your sides to your waist. I brought my right hand to your neck and held it as I softly kissed your neck. I could feel your body relax. As you leaned your head back on my shoulder. I began to nibble on your ear whispering, “I want you” in between breaths. You responded by grabbing my hand pulling me in front of you. You tilt your head to the left and moved your lips to mine. We kissed deeply and passionately. The more I kissed you the more I wanted you, as the throbbing between my legs continued to increase. My hands roamed your back until I made my way under your shirt. I start rubbing you’re waist feeling the softness of your skin. You struggled to pull your lips from mine whispering in my ear “I think we should go”. I didn’t protest at all, we went back to our table and gathered our things heading for the door. I took your hand into mine leading you to my car. We got in; no words were exchanged as I drove to a secluded area. I turned to look at you and you stared back at me smiling.
“Wait here I need to get something out of the trunk,” I said while getting out of the car walking to the trunk. I opened the trunk and grabbed my bag filled with all the essentials for the evening. I closed the trunk and placed my bag down on the side of the back door. I went in my bag and took out a couple of blankets. I laid one down a few feet away on the side of the car. I also laid one on the trunk of the car and on the hood. I opened your door reaching for your hand. The look on your face was priceless as you step out of the car. I lead you to the blanket on the grass.
“Why don’t you sit down and relax,” I said.
“What are you about to do,” you said. I sat down beside you and responded to your question with a kiss on the side of your face. I felt your body lean into me expecting more.
“Relax and enjoy your self,” I said while getting up. I felt your eyes following me as I went to my car and turned on a collection of slow jams. I grabbed the bag on the side of the car and sat it down in front of you. I could sense you were curious to know the contents of the bag. I walked around you and sat behind you.
“Hold up your arms while I take off your shirt,” I said. You did so willingly no questions asked. I began to massage your shoulders as well as your neck. I could feel your muscles starting to relax. I replaced my hands with my lips softly kissing your shoulders. I unsnapped your bra laying it down on the side of you. I eased both of my hands through your arms and caressed your breast. Your nipples became erect. I wanted to take you’re breast into my mouth but thought I’ll have time for that later. So, I continued to caress your breast and softly sucked your neck. I let go of your breast and scooted away from you. Getting on my knees I came to the front of you and parted your legs with my knee.
“Why don’t you lay back,” I said as my eyes meet your gaze. I went into my bag and gabbed a bottle of exotic strawberry massage oil. I crawled back in between your legs laying the bottle of massage oil on the side of you. I began to slowly kiss all over your stomach. My tongue drawing circles up to your breast. I sat up undoing your pants sliding them down your legs placing them by my bag. I reached on the side of you for the massage oil. I squirted the oil in the middle of your chest and on to your stomach. I started massaging the oil into your skin leaving no parts uncovered. Next I ran kisses down your legs. As I came up I began to suck the inside of your thighs. I ran my tongue against your swollen clit. you squirmed with anticipation. I lightly began to bite your clit. I sucked your lips into my mouth. While my tongue danced circles around your clit. You held my head as I continued to lavish in your garden. A soft moan escaped your lips as you came. I wasted no time licking up your nectar. You tasted so good and I couldn’t get enough of you. I slowly eased my tongue inside. Your walls gladly welcomed me. I pushed my tongue deep as I flicked. I twirled my tongue, as I pulled halfway out. I felt your walls closing in as I continued with this pattern. I placed two fingers on your clit massaging slowly. Then I did the two-step and your body began to move rapidly. I was more determined than ever to make you cum extremely hard. I pulled my tongue out of you and placed two fingers in. I slowly tapped against your g-spot and then I sped up the pace. You came really hard. I moved up your body and so did my hands. I kissed you softly on your neck. My lips eventually found there way to yours. Our tongues collided and I felt a tingle in the pit of my stomach. I pulled back the very essence of having you in my site had me in awe.
“Why don’t you stand up and go stand by the trunk of my car,” I said. While you were walking to my car I went in my bag and took out Pearl. I came to you leaning my body into yours while parting your legs with mine. I whispered in your ear why don’t you sit on the blanket. You do as your told, leaning back against the blanket. I placed Pearl inside of you and turned her on. The rotating balls visited your walls while the clit stimulator vibrated against your clit. You tilt your head back and allowed Pearl to please you. As you became adjusted to Pearl I increased the intensity up a notch, you arched your back and sat up straight. I knew you were ready to cum but the time wasn’t right.
“Don’t cum yet,” I said as I began to kiss your waistline. Your body response was satisfying and I loved every minute of it. I contemplated whether I should allow you to cum or tease you a little bit more. All I knew was I could please you forever in many ways. I also knew that the longer I tease you the more powerful the cum. Your legs began to wobble and I continued to kiss your waist.
“Cum for me,” I whispered in between breaths. You’re cum streamed down on to Pearl and my fingers. I turned Pearl off and pulled her out. You fell back against the blanket. I went to my bag and pulled out Ms. B. I kicked off my shoes and took off my pants. I strapped up and rubbed lubricant on Ms. B.
“Follow me,” I said while reaching for your hand. We walked to the front tire on the passenger side and stopped. You already knew what time it was and sat on the blanket on the hood. I started kissing you on your neck, along your jaw, up your chin to your mouth. My tongue darted between your lips to your tongue. We kissed deeply. I ran my hands down the smalls of your back. Then with my left hand I guided Ms. B into you. I began to move slowly in and out. You wrapped your legs around my hips. I increased my pace and you began to move to match my strokes. I cupped your ass with my hands pulling you closer to me. Holding you in place as I plunged deep into your valley. I moved round and round. You tilt your head back and I attacked your neck, kissing, sucking, up and down. I felt your legs tighten around me. Your moans became louder as you neared your climax. Your nails dug into my back as your hips bucked against my pelvis. Your body quivered as you came. I ran my hands up your back, holding you. You felt so right in my arms I didn’t want to let you go but deep down I knew I had to. I slowly pulled away from you……………………………………………………………………………………..
“Captivating,” I said as I stood in front of you while we stood by your car.
“What,” you said.
“You, I hope you had a wonderful time,” I said.
“I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I’m certainly looking forward to our next encounter,” you said.
“So, you think you know me will enough to know that there will be a next time?” I said.
“There will be a next time trust me,” you said. I kissed your cheek and smiled walking to my car. It was itching me to turn around and look at you cause I knew you were watching me but I kept on stepping. Maybe there will be a next time who knows!

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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