by Intellectual_ExtaZy

Your thoughts lick my spine as your questions seduce me like fine wine.
My nipples become erect as your wisdom swirls around them carressingly.
Your theories suckle my clitoris in feverish angst as your wisdom qyrates against my G-spot.
Your intelligence slides inside me, filling me completely with knowledge and ExtaZy.
Your soul oils my skin as your eyes massage me from within .

Your words dampen me as their vibrations hits my soul.
You're the solution to my problem and I beg you, baby lick me
As you lick me with your questions and hypothesis,I plead, baby put it in please
and as you fill me with answers and solutions I am at ease.

As I climax, come, reach my point of ExtaZy I am no longer wanting. No longer aching . I am EDUCATED.

(*MUSE*- Intelligence as a Lover)

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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