by Tasha Boyd-McClure

I am sitting here wondering…
How could you love me and want me and need me,
But say to me “I have met another woman”?
But how can I be hurt when I have another woman?
I am in Pain…Causing Pain
I tell you and her, “I love you”
You tell her, “I am interested in you”
You tell me, “I want to make you happy and want no one else”
But you told me, “I have met another woman”
I am in Pain…Causing Pain
Knowing that if my girl found out about us, it would destroy her,
Finding out that you wanting another, is destroying me.
Learning that I am hurting, you say, is killing you
But you just told me, “I met another woman.”
I am in Pain…Causing Pain
They say Karma is a bitch…
They say hell has no fury, like a woman scorned…
They say time heals all wounds…
But they forgot to say what to do when…
I am in Pain…Causing Pain

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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