by DeVillish AngeLicka

Baby tell me what you want,
your fantasies and desires.
I want to know what you are feelin
and what your imagination sexually requires.
Do you want me blindfolded, tied up or tied down?
Do you want to be on top, or be my personal merry-go-round?
Do you want me in the bedroom, lights out and rhythm slow?
Or do you want me anywhere, slappin ass and rippin clothes?
Do you want me behind closed doors in the privacy of our home?
Or do you want you and me in public so everybody knows?
See in knowing that I'm fulfilling you my pleasure comes
So I'm pleased that you're pleased while you're making me cum.
So what's up baby?
I wanna get on my job and all you gotta do is let me know.
So I can fulfill your desires and become your little nympho.

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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