Nelisa Janvier

Finally, the weekend had arrived. I had barely made it through the past week. It seemed like my work load was getting heavier and heavier by the day. In fact the weekend’s arrival didn’t necessarily herald much of a reprieve but at least it would allow me the small pleasure of being out of the office setting. The corporate world can be very stifling. You can easily lose your sense of self, becoming one of the drones who speaks, acts and dresses like everybody else.
All I wanted to do was get out of Abbott and Miller, go home, soak in the tub and maybe sip a glass of Merlot before working through a few case files. Then at about midnight I would climb into bed, luxuriating in my Egyptian cotton sheets before drifting peacefully off to sleep. Yes, that sounded perfect or at least close to perfect. If I could edit out the work and include the soft, supple body of a woman under those cotton sheets then I could claim perfection. A girl can always dream right?
Slowly I lugged my box of paperwork to the elevator and hit the ground floor knob. I made my way to the car park, jumped in my Lex
and sailed home. Becoming a lawyer had always been my dream and I knew that for a black woman coming into the game in her thirties, it would be quite difficult, so the work didn’t bother me much, I actually thoroughly enjoyed it but I also knew that that wasn’t all that life should entail. A number of things were missing from my life: a life partner, good sex, a child, love. Not in any particular order or priority though.
A year earlier I had come pretty close to having something permanent with Zaharé but it hadn’t worked out. It hadn’t worked out because I had been unwilling to cut back on my work load. Moreover there was the minor detail of me getting caught with my fingers deep inside another woman’s pussy. That hadn’t helped the relationship much either. What we had had was good, but it wasn’t perfect. When I hark back to it, I realize that she and I were on totally different pages, maybe even in different books. Zaharé wanted to do it all. She wanted the whole coming out to friends and family, the wedding in Canada, the artificial insemination. I, on the other hand, simply wanted to concentrate on my career, establish myself as a good attorney, and become one of the best juniors at my firm. Honestly, outside of career, I hadn’t done a great deal in the way of planning my life.
So there I was in my very quiet apartment, on a Friday night with nothing to look forward to but some briefs to work on and some nice sheets. I considered calling up Naomi, a lover of mine who I got together with periodically. However I knew it would probably be too late to call. She would have needed to work up a plausible excuse for her husband. It would have been too short notice for her. There was no one else. Not because I couldn’t find someone but mainly because I simply did not have the time to devote to a serious relationship.
The phone rang and jolted me out of my thoughts. The caller I.D showed up as private but I decided to take it anyway. I could always hang up if it turned out to be some idiot.
“Hello,” I answered tentatively. A husky female voice responded by saying, "Good evening."Immediately, I recognized who it was. It was Jade. Jade Miller, the woman who I had gotten caught fucking. I hadn't heard from her in months. My life had gone a bit topsy-turvy when she and I had gotten caught in my apartment. I had been so busy trying to placate Zaharé that Jade had just slipped away.It was only weeks later, after Zaharé had moved out, that I had tried calling but apparently Jade had gotten her numbers changed and I had no idea where she lived. I was a bit hurt because I had liked her. Our affair had been mainly sexual but we had also had another connection which I had wanted to explore. So of course I was surprised and also intrigued to hear her voice on the line.
"Jade? Is that you?"
I heard a sound like a sharp intake of breath and then she replied, "Yes it's me. It’s been a long time .And I know that it’s out of the blue....................... but I was wondering if I could see you tonight?"
Without thinking, I leaped head first and said "Sure, no problem. Do you want me to meet you somewhere?"
"Actually no. I'm not too far away. I'm downstairs in your lobby. I’m down here at the security booth.."Well talk about being brazenly self-assured. It was that very quality of hers that had gotten us in trouble in the first place. I hung up and called down to security and instructed them to send her up. In a couple of minutes I heard the light knock on the door and when I opened it, there stood Jade Miller in all her glory. A real beauty with her honey dew skin, thick blond dread locks , and hazel eyes set in a face that exuded mystery, toughness and a little naughtines at the same time. She was wearing a pair of tight fitting jeans, a white halter with apparently no bra and an olive green leather jacket that highlighted her skin tone. Had Eros read my thoughts and sent this sexy nymph to my door? Heaven knows, I had been a good girl for the past few months. Maybe I was now being rewarded for it?
I saw those alluring eyes of hers give me the once over. I had been caught offguard so I was only wearing a simple black tank top with matching draw string sweat pants.Her eyes seemed to be drinking in my 5ft 9 180 pound frame. I worked out regularly so my stomach was flat and I was in pretty good shape.The girls were high and perky in spite of their triple D size. My hair was short and curly dyed in a nice russet brown. It crowned a face that had been described as pretty by some but I prefered to call it goodlooking. I was copper coloured with mysterious eyes set on a serious face. Zaharé had liked to describe my eyebrows as being wicked and often commented on my small, pouty mouth. Sixty percent femme, forty percent butch.
Jade, on the other hand was mainly femme. Her entire package was irresistible. "Nelissa De la Croix. It's been a long time. You look good."
Moving aside to let her into my apartment, I quickly responded by saying, "You look good too. Why don't you sit down? Can I get you anything to drink?"
Those eyes of hers were flashing somethong mischievous in them."The drink I want tonight doesn’t come in a bottle. You and I both know why I'm here. I'm here for that golden tongue of yours."
What an arrogant bitch, I mused to myself. Did she think she could she just stroll back into my life after 6 months with no explanation to where she had been and expect me to dive back into her pussy just like that? Why had she moved away without telling me? My mind was saying hell no but the throbbing in my core was informing me that she definitely could. Jade could do whatever the hell she wanted. I would get answers from her eventually but not tonight. Tonight I was going to get that pussy.
Now I don't have many vices. I rarely drink, don't smoke, but pussy is my Achilles tendon. I can cum from just going down on a fat juicy wet one. And that Jade Miller's pussy was grade A. It was always smooth to the touch, as though hair had never ever grown there, which made it obvious that she often treated herself to Brazilian waxes. The lips were plump and her clit stuck out almost shyly from in between them. We made a good pair because she loved to get eaten and I was a pussy glutton.
With her index finger, she summoned me towards her and started with the dirty talk. That’s what made our sex so mind blowing. During sex she always let loose a torrent of lewdness that set me on fire. There was no resisting that husky seductive voice."De la Croix, I missed you so fucking much. Nobody can eat this pussy out like you can. It ached for your golden tongue, wishing you could come and eat me out. I've come all this way just for you to............."
Straight away I covered her mouth with mine and kissed her hungrily. Our tongues intertwined and my head began to swirl.I was totally caught up in her web. A flurry of hands accompanied by moans quickly led to the removal of bras and jacket and jeans and sweat pants, leaving me naked for her to absorb the sight of my ample breasts with their hardened nipples covered in dark chocolate. And my pussy whose only claim to modesty was a thin strip of bush running down the centre. Jade let out a low whistle. "You fucking sexy Amazon goddess."
She on the other hand, was still wearing one single item of clothing that happened to be a pair of crotchless panties. She was laid out on my couch in all her honey coloured glory. Her C cups sat regally on her chests, her dreadlocks were splayed wildly behind her. I felt drunk even though I hadn't even gotten a chance to open that bottle of Merlot.
Kneeling down before the couch, I grabbed her thighs and pulled her close enough so I was less than an inch away from that pussy, letting the perfume waft into my nostrils and invade my senses. Then I just went wild . I began licking hungrily starting from the top and working my way down to the bottom, long licks from the very top right down into the already oozing inner core. Then I focused on that clit that always seemed small and shy at first but got braver and swelled up with each tongue stroke. Jade was letting out these moans and groans and was cursing up a storm. "oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck. your tongue is so fucking................Fuck me, you fucking.................................... nobody can eat this fucking pussy like............"
By that time I was doing double duty. My tongue was over, around and up and down on her clit while I had inserted two of my fingers inside and was fucking her vigorously. "Oh shiiiiiit!!!!!!!!,"I looked up quickly to notice that her eyes had rolled to the back of her head while her hands were busy pinching her hard nipples. I didn't let up because I knew what I wanted. I wanted that gush of water. I had been left thirsting for too damn long. I twirled my fingers around slowly inside of her, gently at first then rougher. "Don't stop, don't fucking stop. Right there, right there..............................oooh, you bitch, you fucking bitch."
It was like a volcano about to explode. She started with a gentle trembling that became stronger and stonger until a warm liquid gushed out in a big splash on my face. How pleased I was with myself to know that I had met one of those rare women who gushed and was able to bring her to that point. I licked every single drop that she sent forth.
But I wasn't done. I wanted to run that pussy red. I wanted it looking red and swollen and begging for mercy. "Come on jade, let's go upstairs." I walked her up the stairs and into my bedroom which was very dark, mainly chocolate brown and hints of red here and there. My very under utilised sex lair was going to be put to use tonight. Jade excused herself to go to the bathroom while I went in search of my strap on. This was a new one, never used, but I had tried it on a few times and liked how it felt. Where the base covered my clit was a movement sensitive vibrator that would pleasure me while I was pleasuring Jade. It was dark brown in colour, seven inches long and thick but not too thick.
When Jade emerged from the bathroom and saw me she grinned. "So you want to fuck this pussy out? Well I can take it. Come get all up in this."She had gone over to the dresser and simply leaned over and spread her legs apart. Her fat pussy looked so provocative from behind. The talking I loved so much began again."Mami, come take this pussy. Fuck it like you own it."I went over, knelt down to savour some more of it. I gave her arse a slap and a quick bite and then dove into the pussy. I don’t know what it is but there is something about eating pussy from the back that arouses me intensely.
While my tongue was bathing itself in her wetness, my pussy began to ooze . The more I licked the more peaked I became and I could tell I was getting closer to orgasm. Jade was moaning up a storm. “Oh, baby, don’t stop. Oooh my cunt is on fire.” I reached down between my legs and felt the wetness, pushed the strap aside and started rubbing my clit. Almost instantaneously, I climaxed right there with my face pushed up in Jade’s pussy. Damn!!I had to grab hold of the dresser to steady myself and just let the pleasure ripple through my body.
It took me a full two minutes before I could get back up and realize that Jade was still in the same position, just watching and waiting. “Good stuff, huh? Now come fuck it.” Getting back up, I slid into that warm opening and started to fuck . Reaching forward I took her sweet breasts into my hands and began massaging them. The vibrator was sending sweet doses of pleasure to my clit which drove me even wilder. Jade was getting a royal fuck. My strokes were long and deep. I moved her from the dresser to the bed, on her back, with her legs up on my shoulders. I wanted to see her face while I was fucking her.
At that point, I began to wish that the dildo was really longer because Jade was pulling at my neck begging for more. "Fuck me harder mami. De la croix, mmmmmmmmmm, Beat this cunt up." A sexy woman whispering adulterated nothings into your ear is enough to drive a sane person crazy. And that's what happened to me. I went into overdrive and began moving to a primitive drum beat, that was fast and deep. Every single cell in my body was aroused and peaked. I grabbed Jade's arms and pinned them down behind her head. I could feel her body tightening and I knew that she was about to come again. "Oh fuck, you're killing me."
It was then that my body exploded and imploded simultaneously and shock wave after shock wave of intense pleasure moved throughout my body. I could feel Jade quivering so I knew that she had cum. It took the last of my strength to extract myself from in between her legs, remove the strap and flop back on the bed. I lay there feeling euphoric, just trying to catch my breath.
When I finally got myself together, I invited Jade to take a bath with me . While in the tub I took the opportunity to familiarize myself with her mouth and her breasts again. We kissed for what seemed like hours and took turns savouring each other’s nipples. We were like two insatiable beings, hungry for each other’s body. Well into the night, our orgy continued. Until at about 4 in the morning we finally agreed to take the lights off and slip under my egyptian cotton sheets.
The next morning when I awoke, Jade wasn’t there. I thought she had probably gone down to get something to eat in her usual forward way but after a quick check around the apartment,I realized that she had gone as suddenly as she had come. She had done it to me again. The night before had been so wonderful and I was looking forward to exploring the prospect of us developing into something more. She had used me. In and out, like a fucking parking lot.

The End

Copyright © 2008. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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