by Sin_Cere

From the first moment I saw you, yeah, all eyez were on you, but I knew that you were an understated beauty
A breath of fresh air, you presence was soothing
We became friends & I played it coolly
Cuz you were going through some tough times with your ex
Night after night you would shed tears over her polygamous sex

I Let You Go...

As time moved on our bond grew strong
It wasnt long
Before people rugularly mistook us as a couple
We both would just shake our heads & amongst one another chuckle
Until one fated night
If something was bothering you, it didnt matter that it was real late at night
You came to my, back then, dorm cuz you said you had to see me
We stood outside talking, but something was different, you seemed a bit uneasy
So we shot the shyt a bit, until it was time for you to split
But before you left, woman, this night I will never forget
You looked me in the eyes as you slowly, placed a kiss on my lips with your fingertips
If that was a move for me to reciprocate, then shyt I missed it
Cuz we were friends, so ofcourse all "unfriendly" thoughts were immediately dismissed
So, I let it go...

& I Let You Go

& you found your way to a very close friend of mine
You two were interwined
Hell, you were finally happy, so ofcourse I didnt mind
By that time
I had begun a relationship of my own
-Which you didnt approve of
That was crazy to me cuz all I did was show you and yours mad love
Needless to say
Apart we strayed
Gradually our friendship became non-existent
As I sit here writing this true story, I think back on the friendship we had & how much I miss it
What "could have been" is in the past & will remain there as a non-factor
We let each other go...& that is the fact of the matter

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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