Ci Ci

I donít write poetry, but now I will.

And writing how I feel is not one of my strengths, but now is the time if ever.

These past few days have been difficult because something is different this time.

And even if this poem doesnít move you I need to release this feeling of emptiness.

You said I never fight for you, but now I will.

I understand that this relationship has seen its rainy days, but it has always been followed by
a beautiful rainbow from our make love. (no pun intended)

All those times I said I wanted to leave were out of frustration and anger.

From the moment I talked to you in front of Castor Hall I knew you were special, never again will I jeopardize what I have in you out of impulse.

I never took the time to tell anyone I needed them, but now I will

I need you.

You are a great person and maybe you deserve better; I can be better.

I do understand that after reading this poem you may need some time, but Iíll wait, wait, and wait

And if you have made up your mind and I canít change it please never forget this poem
or the sincerity I poured into it.

I find myself doing things that I normally donít do to hold on to a piece of you.

I donít get up listening to music, but now I do

I donít watch CSI, but now I do

Sometimes, when I laugh I can hear your laughter within mine and I must remind myself that your not here
and itís only an illusion.

When I said I LOVE YOU, I meant that and I donít want we have to end; I hope you feel the same way Felicia.

Please, let me back into your heart and donít ignore me or the love I can give you.

I donít care if youíre not at USF, because I know your heart and your intellect.

I wasnít the most supportive girlfriend, but I will be if you let me.

When I doubted this relationship you fought hard, and I quickly fell in love with you.

Felicia, I am asking you to let me guide your heart as you doubt this relationship,
just as you have guided mine before.

I have questioned my sexuality, but now I know.

Only a Lesbian could fall so deeply in love with another woman.

So, to answer your question, yes I am gay because I gave my heart to a woman!

I donít write poetry, but I can to fight for you!!!

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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