__________by Astudstrufemme

I heard you think you got this on lock!?! Calling me a
bugaboo, wait!.. Who first called who? But I aint goin lieÖ
I knew from the 1st time we met that youíd be the one to keep it wet!
Late @ night had me quietly screamin, creamin, and definitely feenin.
You got that hurricane tongue that made me start believin.
Had me hot and my clit throbbin @ a light speed...
Had this pussy soaked, thighs sticky, and definitely in need.
Slippin ya fingers in and out, begging me to be ya lil boo.
Told you hell naw! Follow JaRule and keep it between me and you.
(whispered in spanish)Siga JaRule y lo Mantiene entre y tu
Didnít have time to grasp for air b4 you flipped me ova.
Had me calling everyone from Jesus to Jay-Hova!
Listen and feel the ways of my moans . . .(Moaning)
Did you like the way that sounds?
Now tongue fuck me deep and play with my clit.
Iím saying girl you aint neva had this type of shit!
As much as I like ya fiyah ride,
Itís Theresaís rules you will abide.
'Cuz for the night, this pussyís for you
Donít act like you donít want it, you came to me askin, what more can I do?
Pussy so sweet that got ya tongue on the creep.
Believe me girl I got more than that to make you weak.
Donít deny how I got ya ďstudĒ ass on lock.
Just be happy itís you and not some other dykes cock!
'Cuz as much as you front, I know its my pussy you wanna rock.
Now lets get back to who got who . . .
Sorry papi, it looks like tonite. . . I got you!

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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