by Nora Gupton

i knew a girl named nikki
i guess u could say she was a sex feen...
but standing before my eyes
it was no surprise
that she was the finest thing i'd
i mean-
i still remember that day,
she was rocking a rhaspberry beret
and she was draped in pink cashmere
from here
to just about
and baby girl was just
one of the beautiful ones,
my tangerine dream cum undone,
girl, i adore u!
could u be the most beautiful girl in the world?
and i, just another delirious, but serious, insatiable girl
wanting to be your diamonds and pearls
to meet and then kiss
and then gett off on this...
just like my international lover dream.
i mean,
i need another lover like i need a hole in my head
but this one? this one!?
this pop life wife
belonged in my bed
so dammitt i said,
do me baby!
let's go crazy
in our own purple rain
this girl on girl thang is no shame-
just sweet con- tro- ver- sy.
girl picture u and me
two sexy mutha fuckers...
i can make u forget 'bout the others
u ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlite?
i like
to ask that of all my prey.
did i forget to say
i feel 4 u?
i would die 4 u....(only if u ask me 2)
'cause nothing compares to you...
shit! if u would only understand
maybe, i could never take the place of your man,
but baby, if i were your girlfriend,
i'm gonna bet
you would love my lil'...
soft and wet,
and then u won't wonder why
i make your doves cry
cause i could jack u off 'til u cum like 1999...
but if not, then baby, that's fine
i'll chalk it up to the sign of the times
'cause i ain't takin' nothin' not given- it's that damn simple
there will be no thieve's in the temple
but mark my words, u wont go far
oh yea, bet you'll be back- 'cause baby i'm a star!

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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