by Tashamee Dorsey-Williams
(A pledge of love to my wife Tasha)

If loving is work
Loving you is the best job I've ever had
If people are afraid of change and love changes everything
You have given me all the room to grow into courage
If loving you is revolutionary
Let us start a revolution
If I'd known your love was out there waiting for me
I would still have traveled this road to you
If you are peacemaker between my reason and passion
I hope I am the chaos in your imagination
If you become that misbehaving old lady in the funny hat
I want to be there to laugh at your antics
If we can't go together
Then go with no pain, and at peace, knowing I will be all right until we meet again in heaven
If you have hopes and dreams forever
I will support each and every one of them until they become accomplished goals
If you look into my eyes
You will find a soul that is full and happy...thank you

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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