by Tha_Virgo86

This was not a night for searching past her beauty for intellectual insight
And this was not another night for her just to start a pointless fight
All she was worried about was the taste of me on her lips
Letting her hands roam my body freely as she straddled my hips
Making me moan as she put her mouth over my left nipple and massaged the other
Feeling the sensations of her lips and tongue as her kissing, licking and sucking moved lower
I realized that this night was my turn to explore her body
So I pulled her face to mine to kiss me
This experience is about me giving gratification to her
All she needed to do was lie back and receive pleasure
So I turned us over to where she was underneath me now
Still trying to hold on to control she rolled over and faced down
I took advantage of this and started kissing and licking her shoulders
Then I sucked and nipped at this smooth skin of hers
Making marks as a signal to anyone staring that she is mine
Leaving a trail behind as I moved down her spine
Outling that tattoo on the small of her back with my tongue
She quickly turned over wanting the same attention on her front
Obliging her, I began my attack at her chest
Kissing and sucking my way to her breasts
Moving from right to left taking each of her nipples in between my lips
Using my tongue to toy and play with them
Gently pulling the piercing in her belly button while kissing down her stomach
Loving the whimpers I was causing her to make
She gave up all control; I saw the surrender in her eyes
After I found the wetness in between her thighs
I gave a slow lick from bottom to top and flicked her clitoris
Her back rose from the bed with her body feeling so anxious
She wrapped her legs around my neck when I grabbed her waist
We were both done with the teasing; now I wanted a taste
Diving my tongue deep and deeper in and out of her
Discovering the sweetness of her flavor
Making her cum in my mouth after I sucked on her clit hard
Hearing her callout my name and scream for God
She told me it was mine and how good my mouth was making her feel
All while she was cumming my lips and tongue were working on her still
I softened my actions, letting her ride out her orgasm
I watched as her breathing calmed to slower rhythm
Finally spent she called my name and opened her arms for me
I rested head on her chest and listened to her heart beat
I moved up, kissed her and laid back down with her
We must have looked like a delicious mixture
With the sweat on our bodies glistening
Her honey and my chocolate skin

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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