by Marsha Blue

I keep the little notes that u left
It was my heart that u swept
Up from me
Under me
Till I fall feet over head
So easily
Till I whisper your name
Like it was my last breath
Till I fall awake dreaming
Like I was falling to my death
I take nothing you gave me
I give nothing
Please save me
When will I just forget ?
I know that it?s inside
I am digging deep
But it is trying to hide
I just want her to come and save me
From this endless
Life less
I still read the notes that you left
I keep them as a lifeline
To my death
I know that eventually
The words will disappear
And so will she from
My existence is what I fear
But fear is nothing
Forgetting you is something
I have been trying to grasp
It is slipping through me?.
My fingers alas
I know that it has to come
I swing low
As the night begun
To embark upon my
Empty- nest
A heart that has grown love- less

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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