by House of Malika

Growl at me
and I listen
feeding fuel for
racing inside me
I feel your teeth
sharpening after every
thought you give
my mind filled with
scratches you left me
Bruises grace under clothes
no one knows
the fantasies I serve you
fulfill you, overflowing
Experiences unbelievable to
the norm of average society
of people lost in conformity
afraid to breath
inhale me, as I need you to
be every sick devilish
psycho I make you to be
Yes I want you to
take innocence left
from memories of little girl
purity washed away with
lubrication rubbed on
dildos too big for spaces
too tight
Sweat drizzles from chins
sore, bitten by teeth
clenched and grinding
hips ache yet still pumping
screams into swirls
of spasms, knowing not
to hold back
Raping of secrets wanted
by dykes with complexes
of insecurities undetected
under abs of strength
overpowering emotional femmes
wanting their insides
stretched and tugged
She may whisper no's
only to provoke and entice
hidden shadows of a beast
inside you

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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