by Haven

And every time I hear her voice it sets my skin on a fiery blaze.
Just feeling her presence on the phone line brightens up my darkest days.
I know no pain when I hear her. I know no sorrow or despair.
She makes me question my atheism, which is rare.
I wake up every morning with her in my thoughts.
Ive even begun to believe in the love my fairy tales once taught.
Its her voice that makes staying up past midnight worthwhile.
And I keep pushing myself to get her to laugh or smile,
Because even the sense of her happiness is wonderful.
And her poetic words are gracious and powerful.
Even when shes in silence,
I find comfort and solace.

Forget butterflies in my stomach, theres elephants stampedin.
She stays in my dreams in this tranquil sequence.
Even melodies are revitalized.
She can tell me my own life story and Id still be surprised.
Because shes precious in every sense of the word.
And to hear her breathe is the sweetest thing Ive ever heard.
To think just by a simple voice, Im dying to make her mine.
She could call me on my death bed and Id still find time.
Id postpone my own demise just to hear her euphoric sound.
And when I did die, Id send my soul to her, so Id always be around.
Just to be in her atmosphere,
To protect her from every saddening tear.
Because its that voice, point blank and plain.
To hear it, Id travel by air, sea, and train.

Oh good god, her voice and poise.
Every syllable, emphasis, and pronunciation blocks out useless noise.
She captures my attention with a simple hello.
Not even this poem can explain how far I would go.

Id leave my own world of self-excommunication.
Id break not only this earth, but the solar system from its foundations.
Id cater to her as if I was a botanist, and her mind, body, & soul were my bonsai trees.
Id go back in time and convert Hitler into a Buddhist feign.
Id teach Gangues Khan the essence of Feng Shui.
Only because her voice illuminates my path and helps me find my way.
If I lost my hearing because of my selfishness or my need to boast,
The sound of her would be the thing Id miss the most.
Id miss the feeling of my ears on cloud 9.
Id be devastated if its memory I could not find.
Even when shes stuffy and sick, its an audible pleasure.
And when she says good night she leaves audio moments I will treasure.
So here I am waiting for the chance to rejoice,
The presence of her heavenly voice.

Copyright © 2005.Used by permission of author.All Rights Reserved.

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