by Virgo Red

She smiles like love.
She cries like snow,
Real slow.
She smells like orchids,
shes on my mind.
Her touch gentle,
But strong.
I imagine myself
Sleeping in her arms.
Her legs wrap around me,
I love the way
She surrounds me.
Hair dark as night.
Her lips,
So full.
When we kiss,
My heart takes flight.
Her touch wakes me slow.
The way she feels,
Her touch lets me know
Shes mine.
Her breasts are pillows,
So soft.
Her hips have never
Turned me off.
Her eyes bright as light.
Her song...
Is sung just right.
Her hands hold mine.
Her bady.... DAMN
Whenever I need her,
Is just fine.
She knows,
Without her,
I'd be lost,
With no place to go.
Her touch awakens me.
Her voice inspires me.
Her tone lets me know,
She'll be there for me.
And this we both know,
I'm in love,
Her heart lets me show,
The real side of love.
My ghetto princess.
My dove.
Her touch.

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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