It’s a hot summer evening and the air conditioner in our home is on the blink. We have every window opened and one fan blowing try to get a little air circulating. Lea walks in the bedroom, dripping wet from her shower. She drops down on the bed and spread-eagled so the fan could blow air along her body.

I walked into the room and saw Lea spread across the bed. I kneeled down at the foot of the bed, positioning myself for a perfect view between her legs.

Lea asked, "Why are you looking at my kittycat like that?" I said nothing. I just kept on looking. "Take a picture, it’ll last longer. Now move out the way, you're blocking the air." Her foot connects with my forehead and pushes me back.

With a devilish smile, I got up, grabbed my camera from the shelf and repositioned myself between Lea’s legs. "Damn! You sure do have a PrettyCat" I said, as I snapped the first of many shots. Shooting close (click), Closer (click-click), Closer (click-click-click) Then I leaned in to take a lick. Up and down along her sweet kitty lips.

I Spread her legs wider and pressing my tongue firmly along her prettycat. Up to her clit to suck and lick. I stayed there just long enough to make her clit swell, her pelvis move and her mouth purr. I moved back and snapped pictures of her full, hard clit. "Babyyy," she moaned. I leaned back in and began circling the outer opening of her Kitty. Then slowly entering her pussy and wiggled my tongue around inside her. Lea released a "Ssssss" and began grinding my tongue. She grabbed my head and pulled me in closer. My tongue went deeper and deeper inside her. Lea’s moans grow louder and kitty’s milk started to spill out of her. I moved back again to snap a few more pictures. "No, Don’t Stop!" Lea screamed. "Keep Moving," I commanded, while firing off a few more shots.

I placed two fingers inside her wet throbbing kittycat and started stroking. "You like that?" I asked. A soft whisper came from Lea’s mouth, "Yes."
"Yeah? What about this?" I asked, as I kissed her thighs.
"Oh, yes," Lea said.
"Yeah. What about this?" Then, I began sucking her clit.
Lea released a long loud "Ohhh Ssssss Yyahhh!" as her O grew stronger and the milk poured from her kitty fountain.
Once again, I proceeded to photograph her PrettyCat. The contracting muscles that moved her flesh, the milk flowing out and down her body, the fullness of her kitty lips. When every shot was taken, I laid down my camera and returned between Lea’s legs to lick up the milk that was spilling from her bowl.

When Lea went to sleep, I began to work....

I enlarged the pictures to different sizes and displayed them on our bedroom wall. I stood there unclothed, licking my lips, massaging my pussy, and caressing my breast. I viewed each and every detail of Lea’s PrettyCat, remembering how and when she reached each point of pleasure.

In the center was a KittyCat as tall and as wide as I am. Waist height and off to the sides were the Kitty’s fingered shots. The other pictures were strategically mounted in place.

I pressed my body against the pictures on the wall. At face level was a clit the size of my month. My tongue began licking and sucking the clit’s image. I simulated the act of making love to each and every picture on the wall. Kissing, licking, sucking, caressing, grinding. I strapped on and started fucking the giant picture of the Kitty’s opening. Pressing against the wall in the same way I’ve entered Lea many times before. I heard the sounds of our love making as I went deeper and deeper into a trans. Stroking in and out, while the strap-on rubbing against my clit made me cum over and over, and over again.

Fully exhausted I dropped to the floor.

Damn that was good, I want some more

Soak and wet with cum and sweat.

Yes, I love her PrettyCat.

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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