_____I met a beautiful woman in the produce section of the grocery store. How silly is that? You always hear about people meeting in the produce section, but do you ever believe it? Well believe me, it happened. I'm grateful it happened, because she just may have saved me.
_____The moment I saw her I was enraptured. My heart started beating fast, watching her caress the honeydew. I just had to have some honeydew too. I hurried over to her, grabbed the first melon I touched, and scrambled for a way to start a conversation.
_____Even though I've known since I was 12, I asked her how to know of a melon is good. When she told the same thing my momma told me, I could have fell in love right then. We introduced ourselves to one another, talked for a little while and then I took the chance; I asked her to join me for dinner. She accepted.
_____I cooked a wonderful Caribbean meal. The conversation was interesting and her company was very welcome. She said my cooking was delicious and it was turning her on knowing that a stud cooked such a superb dinner for her. She and I made passionate love through out the night.
_____It all started with her laying butt naked across my couch when I came out of the bathroom. Now mind you, I haven't had a woman's taste in my mouth in over a year, so when I saw her laying there my mouth began to water.
_____"Uh, what are you doing?"
_____"I'm waiting for you."
_____"I can see that, but don't you think it's a bit soon?"
_____"I want to know if you are as good as she said you are."
_____"Who is 'she'?"
_____"Your ex."
_____"My ex! How do you know her?" I asked, starting to get nervous. My ex and I haven't been together in over a year.
_____"We worked together. I've been waiting for two years to be right where I am now. She talked about you all the time. I became intrigued when I overheard her whisper to her friend that every time you two made love you rocked her universe. Yeah, she didn't say world, she said universe."
_____"Oh, so now you want your pussy ate. Then what?"
_____She looks me in my eyes and says, "I know how to make my lover want to come home and stay home."
_____I smile at her as I am undressing. I pick her up and carry her into my room, laying her gently on the bed. I start from the bottom. I kiss her toes and slowly work my way up her legs. I caress her body with my mouth and hands. As I put one of her nipples in my mouth she lets out a soft moan, and whispers, "How could anyone want to leave this?"
_____I am caressing her body as if it is a fragile, priceless piece of art. I kiss and lick everywhere on her body, except where I know it will count the most. I want to hear her tell me to, ask me to, or beg me to eat her pussy. Finally in a pleading voice I hear her say, "It's all yours baby. Take it. Oh please, take it!"
_____So I do. I open her thighs wide. I can smell her pussy, so sweet. I open her and slowly lick from her from her hole to her clit, taking care to softly suckle her magic button.
_____She pushes my head from behind and stuffs her pussy into my mouth. I grab a hold of each one of her thighs and begin, slowly. I don't want her to cum too soon. It has been over a year since I've tasted pussy and I want to savor every bit of it. I am truly blessed to be all up in such good pussy!
_____Her hips are moving in rhythm with my mouth and the noises she is making are letting me know that I am doing a good job. They are also transforming me into another reality. Knowing that I am the one giving her so much pleasure almost makes me cum.
_____When her rhythm changes I know she is about to burst. I grab a hold of her hips and go to work on her clit. I'm stuck to her pussy like superglue. I can't let her go. All of a sudden she lets out a loud moan and starts to buck, but I still don't let go. I want to keep on going, bringing wave after wave of pleasure to her, and myself, as I start to cum too.
_____As we lay next to each other, basking in the afterglow of great sex, she asks me, "Are you ready for me?"
_____"Oh no baby. I already came when you were cumin in my mouth."
_____"What! I have never heard of such a thing. You mean to tell me that you get off eating pussy?"
_____"Yeah. Especially good pussy like yours."
_____"I've never been with a woman who came from eating pussy."
_____"Well, now you have."
_____The way she was looking at me, and caressing my body made me want to taste her again and again. I kiss her gently on her neck, her shoulder, her arm, and suck tenderly on her fingers. All the time I am doing this I am watching the expression on her face. It is turning me the fuck on knowing that I can give her such pleasure, and see it so plainly.
_____Her nipples are hard and erect calling my mouth to them, begging me to suck them, to nibble them. I slowly suck one and then the other. As I am loving her breasts with my mouth, I am also massaging her pussy with my fingers. I am reveling in her juices and I'm getting more and more excited for her pussy to be in my mouth again.
_____Her reactions to my attentions are becoming more passionate. I can tell she is ready for me, so I lift her pussy to my mouth, and slowly lick her juices. Her pussy is so sweet! I eat her pussy with slow deliberate strokes of my tongue, sucking her clit gently as she gets juicier and juicier.
_____Even though I am becoming more excited with each stroke, I don't speed up. Instead I am caressing her pussy with slow deliberate licks. I am taking my time so her nut is slowly building stronger and more intense. I love to make a woman cum in this way. It makes me feel so damn good when I hear her scream with pleasure, when her legs tighten around my head, when she bucks and calls out my name. Oh how satisfying this is!
_____As I am thinking this I feel her clit deflate. This is my cue to concentrate on licking her clit just a bit harder, but not any faster. She is calling my name and pushing my head into her pussy. As she begins cumin her whole body goes rigid, stiff. She is shaking and moaning as I continue licking her pussy. Suddenly, she pushes me away and says, "I can't take anymore. You've sucked all my energy out through my pussy."
_____Secretly I am proud of myself, but I am also disappointed. I could have eaten her pussy all night, but I am insatiable. I have yet to have a woman who can hang with my appetite.
_____She is holding me from behind, spooning me, as we slowly lull into sleep. She whispers in my ear, "You rocked my world, my universe, shit, my damn galaxy! There ain't no way I'm letting you give that good ass head to another woman. There just ain't no way!"
_____I woke up late this morning and she is gone. I am disappointed because I knew I was going to have pussy for breakfast. So, now I sit here, writing this all down, for fear I may forget it. I am fearful that I won't see her again. I am fearful it was all a dream, but I can smell her on my lips, my fingers, and pillows. I can still taste her in my mouth, so I know it was not a dream.

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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