by Musiqladee

Have U met Her
she walks tall and stands firm
believes she is deserving of the best
she knows how she wants to be treated
and one who is faithful, true and just

Have u met her...
she wants to be loved by someone and have someone to love her
she wants to share her life and the life of another
Have u met her....
she is offering of herself and wants the same offered to her
she is gives alot and expects nothing given to her

This seems
I have yearned for but never met her
seen her but always in my dreams
longed for her but she never came to me
prayed for her so I am waiting patiently

Daily I say... Lord, down on my knees
send me my angel, I beg of you, please
The one who
I will spend the rest of my life
The one who
will someday make me her wife
The one who
makes my heart stand still at her very sight
The one who
can lay with me and hold me at night
The one who
will be there for me as i am for her
and who can
take comfort in knowing that her
I will always cherish, honor and love
because she was sent to me from heaven above

So if you've met her, I hope you hold tight
because if I meet her
I wont let her out my sight

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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