I told her she’d better be ready when I came back to town for her, no bullshittin’.

Every time I tried to close my eyes for a minute on the plane ride, I got so worked up thinking about how I wanted to put it on her. Flashing before me would be that look she’d get in her eyes, watching me pumping her hard…working her body out. I could almost feel her sticky wetness between my fingers when the flight attendant interrupted my thoughts offering me a drink.

My eyes flew open, wondering what was the look I had on my face when she approached.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Did I wake you?”

Blushing I said, “No worries, I was just thinking.”

“Can I get you anything?” she asked.

“Uh, naw that’s cool – on second thought, can I have a Jack & Coke?”

“You sure can but I bet it won’t be as good as whatever was just on your mind.” The attendant said smiling.

I smiled back thinking, if she only knew.

It was killing me sitting there staring at the air phone wanting to call her sooo bad. Just to tease her like I used to just before showing up at her house for a session. I’d pick it up; put it down every 5 minutes till I convinced myself that her reaction would be better if I just showed up at her door with a grin and a bulge.

To pass the time, I sipped my drink planned my sensual attack on this girl for when I finally got my hands on her.

Once we landed, I skipped the baggage claim and headed straight to the rental car since my entire luggage was carry-on.

Driving to my hotel, I could feel my anxiety grow. Once at the hotel, I showered and got ready for my big surprise. I could not suppress my grin as I pulled up in front of her house. I sat in the car and dialed her number on my cell.

“Hello?” Jasmine said.

“Hey sweetie, guess who?”

“Oh hey Naughty, how are you honey?”

“Oh I am cool. You ready to see me tonight?”

“Humph, I have been ready for you so long it seems unreal that you will be here in just a few hours.”

Just then, a fire truck sped by full sirens past Jasmine’s house and she could hear it in stereo thru the phone and outside her door. Busted.

“Um wait a minute - oh no you didn’t!!” Jasmine screamed as she peeked out her blinds and saw me sitting outside.

“Hee hee, oh yes I did.” I said getting out of the car, still on the phone with her.

“Boo, I have not had a shower and my hair!!! Oh God my hair is a mess, my house – you cannot come in here!”

“Now girl you know I do not care about any of that, open the door baby.”

When I reached the front door of the house it opened slowly. Jasmine was practically hiding behind it. I reached out and grabbed her by the waist pulling her close. She dropped the phone and threw her arms around my neck. She felt so good to me. I looked at her and smiled, “Giiirl, you gonna have to do something to that hair, hahahah!”

Jasmine pushed me away and grabbed her head and ran for the bathroom. Still laughing I closed the front door and followed her to the bathroom. I could hear the shower running as I got closer. I knocked lightly as I let myself in. Jasmine didn’t protest. She was in the shower, letting the water flow through her hair, over her shoulders down her stomach and back.

I leaned in the doorway totally amazed as every inch of her. I sat down on the toilet seat and continued to watch as she poured shower gel into a sponge and lathered her cocoa skin. My eyes followed every curve she covered, over her breasts and stomach, suds gliding down her thighs. I kept forgetting to breathe. As she rinsed off, I got a big fluffy towel off the shelf and waited for her to step out on to the bath mat.

Dripping, she stood as I slowly patted her dry, lingering in all her special places. On my knees I began stroking Jasmines neatly trimmed kitty, alternating between the towel and soft kisses on her thighs causing her to moan softly and position herself to give me more access to her pussy.

I knelt before her putting her foot up on the toilet seat and grabbing her by the hips as I eased the tip of my tongue between her lips. I began teasing her growing clit with mini sucks and flicks as I slipped my finger into her.

Jas began to rock her hips, trying to establish a rhythm with me. Not wanting to have my baby work so hard, I stopped and took her by the hand leading her to the couch in the living room. She reclined and swung one leg over the back of the couch with the other touching down on the floor as I settled between her legs.

I used my thumb and forefinger to part her lips, getting a perfect view of her beautiful trim, clit and glistening hole. I blew a little cold air on her pussy just so she would know how close I was since her eyes were closed. That made her quiver in anticipation. She didn’t have to wait too long for me to caress her stiffness with the tip of my tongue. She rocked her hips back and forth, matching every stroke I laid on her.

Moans and pleas filled the room as I got after her with all my pussy licking skills. I had her lips spread ad I wiggled my tongue intensely up and around her clit at times slipping it into her filling her up. She would totally lose it when I would wiggle my tongue inside her.

Her fingers were tangled in my locks trying to hold me steady. So close to cumming for me, she braced her body for the climax. Suddenly, her hips began pumping my face, my licking furious as her screams signaled her release. I sat up with my cheeks glistening with her sweetness, smiling wide.

“Oh……..God….” Jasmine affirmed.

“What?!” I asked as if I didn’t know I just blew her mind.

“I guess I never realized just how much I missed that mouth of yours.”

“Is that right?” I laughed.

“Damn straight!”

“I didn’t plan on us falling into it this way…luckily I came prepared .” I said patting my crotch.

“Mmmm, you brought your strap for me?” Jasmine asked.

I reached down between Jasmines’ legs and felt if she was wet and ready to take all 10” of me. She smiled wide as I slipped out of my Dickies freeing my thickness as I got up and went over to my bag, pulled out ‘Chocolate’ and slipped it on. When I looked up, she was already ass up in the middle of the couch gripping the back. I took on of her scarves from the back of the door and put it over her eyes, gently tying it in the back.

I took my place behind her and began teasing her by rubbing the head of my strap against her pussy lips, putting a little pressure on her hole but not poking thru. She moaned loudly and arched her back more for me, seemingly begging for me to punch all 10” into her.

Instead, I caress her ass cheeks softly before landing a stinging swat followed by more gentle rubbing and another smack. I pull back again just to watch her tense up and stress for the next lick on her bottom. I squeeze her ass instead, spreading her cheeks to get a better view of her pussy so open for me. I take the head of my strap and push just an inch into her. Jasmine let out a breathy moan as I watched her hole tighten around my thickness.

She began to rock back attempting to fill up with me. I steadied my hips and pumped my pony making her suck in her breath sharply. Jasmine gripped the back of the couch her body absorbing the action of me working in and out of her stroking her deep.

My hands were locked on the bend of her hips, working hard and dripping sweat on her. Her body began shuddering and Jas muttered urgently that she didn’t want to cum yet, that she was not ready cause I felt so good inside her. I called back to her to let it go as I reached around to stroke her swollen clit. She was slamming her ass back down on me loving every inch as she lost her tug of war with her climax.

“Oh baby, now it’s my turn to taste you. I know how hot you get from fucking me so let me feel how wet you are for me.”

Jasmine pounced on me pulling on my belt and slipping off my pants and boxers. She wasted no time sliding to the floor, leaning me back and gapping my legs finding my wetness with her fingers.

Jasmine slid two fingers in me and began caressing my stiff clit with the tip of her tongue. She maintained eye contact with me as she made wet circles and wiggled her fingers inside me. I always tried to fight her pleasuring me but she made that as difficult as possible. My hips began to grind her face as I came closer to my pop. She loved watching me get off in her mouth as her own body reacted to my climax.

Once she backed up off of me I looked up at her with a grin and said, “Now about that hair…”

The End

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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