The Lady Scorpian

good love got me
passin out verbal citations
screamin shoutin yellin
bout sensual elation
oh yes i hit the mother load
i do apologize
i don't mean to brag nor goad
but making love with you
is too fantastic
with you I've reached completion
yes baby
loving you is
sooooooo so so
soooooo so so
got me sittin up in a tree
trillin like a bird
this is a first
blendin on that
sexual and mental
takin care of both thirsts
we have touched on every level
on every plateau and plane
hell i get wet
just hearin you say my name
yes baby you quench my desire
put out my high flamed fire
got me shoutin and screamin
from a simple kiss
wasn't a damn thing
simple bout this
head to toe chills
from your creative skills
tremblin with sweet sensation
after tastin the sweet
chocolate nation
living between your thighs
after lickin lips
and fingertips
you partake of me
as I have of you
passin out verbal citations
shoutin my elation

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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