S. Narcisse

Never could I imagine that I'd be racing home in the middle of the night to my expecting wife with the aroma of another woman lingering on my lips. This has never happened before and I already know what you're going to say, but I honesty never planned for anything too happen. Sure I let it continue but I honestly couldn't help myself.
Ok, let me start explaining from the beginning, see this all started out from a simple glance. It was about two months ago, work was going well, and we, the wife and I were busy preparing for out first born. Dana, my wife, was five months into the pregnancy and we had been out shopping for a few items for the baby's room, and that's when I first saw Grace.
Grace was definitely a looker, and immediately caught the attention of everyone she passed next to. By the time I had looked up and noticed her she was practically right next to me. Our eyes met briefly and that should have been that.
It wasn't until I noticed her again, this time in line waiting to pay for the latest craving. Dana was waiting in the car, leafing through the pages of a magazine she picked up earlier during a previous craving's run. Grace was standing with her friends, seemed like the beginning of another girl's night out, but she kept looking over their shoulder, occasionally smiling and gesturing slightly with her head to me.
Grace was a chocolate sister; about five feet, five inches tall, curvy body, full breast and a smile that seemed as warm as it was inviting. Sexy as sexy could be, and she definitely knew how to work with what she had.
I smiled and nodded slightly, it seemed the polite thing to do, and I mean anyone would have done the same, right? I just never thought for a minute she was interested but little did I know that that night marked the beginning of what would be a first for the both of us. After that night, I started noticing Grace a lot more.
A couple of days go by and notes start appearing on my windshield, simple little messages letting me know that I had a secret admire. Some would go as far as telling me how good I looked in what I was wearing. I never took them seriously, thinking perhaps Dana was trying to heat things up between us since things slowed slightly in certain areas of our relationship. She does things like that all the time.
Dana and I have been together for the past four years, married for two and live comfortably in our home in a nice quiet neighborhood. We both have well paying jobs and our families are very excited with the new addition to our lives.
Don't get me wrong, I love my wife with all my heart but for the sake of labeling what happened we'll just call it distracted. Now back to Grace.
A week of notes went by and on occasions I have seen Grace at the deli around the way having lunch with her friends from the other night. I usually don't sit and have lunch there, but on the few occasions that I did walk in, either while she was eating or leaving, I found myself locking eyes with the woman. Not just simple eye to eye contact, but intense stares. Finally she made her move. It was subtle enough to be overlooked, but I got her intended signal immediately. She gave me the light brush with a soft hello thing which I could have let slip but her hand running down my back as she passed, now that got me. Not to mention the fact that there was enough space for her to pass in the first place.
The day after that it came. While getting ready to leave work, my admirer left an invitation to lunch on my car. You know that note got me to thinking all night, but still, I had to play it cool, I mean it could have still been from the wife. Lunchtime couldn't come around fast enough. I actually found myself hurrying to the deli to meet whom ever it was leaving me those scented notes . . . yes they were scented, did I forget the mention that? My bad.
When I walked in and started walking over to the table I was instructed to sit at, she was already sitting there. Ok, rule Dana out, my cocoa misses was definitely not sending the notes. Miss chocolate had my heart pounding as I got closer. She started lowering the menu that hid her face as I got closer, and there she was. It was Grace, smiling back at me with hand extended.
After that we had lunch almost everyday together, talking and getting to know each other. She admitted to leaving the note, and to having noticed me shopping with my wife. Girlie had been keeping an eye on me all along. Before you knew it, a month had gone by and we had gotten closer or at least close enough for her to admit to being curious about being intimate with me.
"Hey, come over to my place this Friday night," she said smiling as sexy as she wanted to. "It's a lil quieter, and maybe we can watch a movie with dinner? I'd like to cook something just for you."
"This Friday," I said. "Sure, should I bring anything?"
"Just your appetite baby," she responded before leaning over to kiss me. Damn, Friday couldn't come fast enough.
Dana had made plans to be with her parents and of course I had somewhere else that I wanted to go, so we agreed to go out separately. I know, I lied to my wife about going out with some friends to go see another woman, but believe me I was way caught up in the foolish ego trip of possibly being someone's first.
I arrived at Grace's apartment and was greeted at the door with a soft kiss on the lips. She was dressed in a sexy black dress that revealed much of her ample breasts through the plunged neckline. "I hope you're hungry because I made something special for you," she said while leading me to the dinner table giving me the perfect view of her firm, round ass, and like I said before, she knew how to work what she had.
"Wow, you certainly outdid yourself tonight," I said while sitting down at the table.
"Anything for you, you know I want tonight to be special. Here, let me help you," she said as she sat on my lap. I could feel her body tremble lightly as she fed me. "I've never been with a woman before," she says as she continued her seduction, tasting her fingertips and my lips. I couldn't help but caress her body. I couldn't stop wanting her.
"Let's get more comfortable," I whispered between her lips.
She took me to her bedroom and sat me on the bed, "Let me slip into something special," she said as she left the room.
I waited for her to return, watching her silhouette as it appeared in the doorway. I walked over to her, knowing I would finally have her. "Are you sure? We don't have to do this if you're not ready," I whispered her while holding her in my arms gently also allowing my lips and tongue to trace her neck and shoulder.
"I want this, I want you," she whispered in between soft her moans.
The kissing and caressing continue as I pressed her body against the wall, slowly undressing her. Still nervous she moved her hands down my back, pulling me closer to her. I could feel her grinding me as I kissed and caressed her breasts, taking her already firm nipples in my mouth. The lingerie she wore had already fallen to the ground and all that remain on my body were my slacks, which barely hung to my hips. Her hands caressed my back as she moaned lightly with every kiss and touch of my hands.
By now her body quivered with desire, as she instructed me to come get what was now mine. She was walking over to the bed and soon enough laid there with parted legs inviting me to taste her. My tongue didn't hesitate either, as I kneeled between her legs teasing her harden clitoris. Her body moved with pleasure as my tongue explored her womanhood. "Mmm, baby, ah yes," she moaned pulling my head closer to her, allowing my tongue to go deeper into her.
She had begun to gyrate faster as she came closer and closer to the peek of her pleasure. By this time I wanted more and more to enter her. I slipped two fingers into her wet vagina, stroking her deep and slow as I fixed my mouth over her pleasure point. Her legs opened wider as her juiced flowed down my fingers. I couldn't help but taste them before placing my fingers in her mouth.
I continue sucking on her nipples as I lay between her legs, wanting to further penetrate her. She sucked my tongue while running her nails up and down my back. "I picked something up for you, it's under the pillow," she whispered into my mouth as we kissed.
I strapped up with the nine inch extension that lady love had chosen, knowing that our love making would continue. She kissed and caressed my back eagerly anticipating what would happen next.
"Let daddy in," I said while placing her hand on my new member. I could tell she got turned on even more just by touching it. She proceeded to kneel before me and begun to trace my extension with her tongue. I couldn't be more turned on at this time; I couldn't stop watching her as she moved up and down my shaft.
She laid me on the bed and begun to slowly grind back and forth on me, "You like it like that Daddy?" she said while taking every inch I had to give to her. We found ourselves seated in the middle of the bed, my hands cupping her ass pulling her onto my strap while sucking her lips and tongue while she let my locks down. The sensation of my strokes caused her to drive her fingernails into my back. I role her over pinning her knees to her chest and begin pounding her love box with all nine inches. Pounding her deeper and harder with every stroke causing her to climax harder than she did previously and causing myself to erupt shortly after.
While lying in her bed cuddled with her my eyes couldn't help but look over at the clock on the wall, that's when I realized how late it was. Knowing well that Dana was already home, I had to leave and begun hurrying through the house to the door. Grace grabbed me at the door, pressing her naked body against mine, embracing me and kissing me.
Now here I am, racing to my wife, with my mistress' flavor on my lips, damn I hope she's sleeping.

The End

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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