by The Intriguing AGgressive
(from Autumn Brown Will Do You Good)

Sometimes you got to move, pull back and let her run with it.
Sometimes to get your groove, give up control and just have fun with it.

When Autumn Brown, (not Snow White) the pillow princess
Wants to do her thing,
Sometimes you got to hand it over, flow,
Don’t mean you’re not the “king”.

On the contrary, she wants to serve it to you sweet and nice.
Sometimes she finds that voice to share, it ain’t your sacrifice.
She’s telling you she’s fantasized and wants to do you good!
Surprising you every now and then like only a princess could.

Sometimes you’ve got to move and trust her, give your girl the ball!
And when you hold her afterward, she’ll know she gave her all.

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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