__________by Shaudessee

i’m beginning to believe
it’s got to be me
in search of too much
from a “human” being.

someone nice to look at
from the very start
who’s outer beauty flows from the depths
of a golden heart.

head together, not caring much
for colors on parade
believes it’s nobody’s business
whom she has in her bed.

respects herself just enough
to take care a what she’s got
whether dd’s in the front
or stacks in the back.

who can stimulate my mind
with intellectual conversation
yet not bore me to tears
with self righteous “fundamentals”

who can chill and watch the dodgers
on a summer afternoon
or hoop it up on the courts
in the neighborhood.

yet lays low, lets her aura
speak for itself
life a the party, all the drama
left for someone else.

head high, quiet confidence
coz she knows who she is
“floats like a butterfly,
stings like a bee.”

knows the value of a “friend”
but can maintain her own.
knows that amidst the sunshine
there will be clouds.
baby thug or a lady
on any given day
doesn’t stick to the label
but by how her mind sways.

just as cool with madonna or 50 cent
isley bros, trinitee or cross movement

not fixated on materials things
to define her success
but self assured in the knowledge
that the inside defines all else.

who’s done the clubs
and decided it’s not for her.
prefers a party for 2
“either my place or yours.”

strong enough to scream out loud
when she cums in the night
knows exactly where to put her tongue
to hit my spots just right.

eye of the storm, calm amidst the chaos.
just somebody mad cool in this mad world, you know?

somehow I believe
that it’s got to be me
asking too much
from a “human” being.

but is it too much to ask
for a woman who’s real?
is it wrong to be looking
for someone like me?!

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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