by SkillsSaysItAll

You like my boi toy?
Pull it out
Grip it and slide it
Real deep in your mouth
Your thick lips
Wrapped around my joy stick
Got my clit throbbin'
Slobbin' and slurpin'
Head bobbin' and jerkin'
Got me hurtin'
Plunging Papi's dick
Smearing Mac lipstick
Across the tip
Reminds me of some shit
When we cuttin'
Taking all of me
Like it's nothing
Watching me watching you
You won't choke
I thrust
To the back of your throat
And pause...
You know what comes next
So you relax your jaws
And "Open up for Daddi"
Every moan
Feels like it's right on my clit
Every hit
Through this strapped on dick
Damn Mami got a grip
That slides this leather strip
All between my shit
This bomb ass head
Got me stuck..
She had me all in
And took one..looong..hard..suck
She gave that good girl head

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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