by Dwndirty

to consume a voided space in babylon
to hear her moans in the dialect of tongues
rejoycing rejoined with
quirkly quotes insanely issued to
vibe on venus with mars in my embrace
intake injections of my full erection
mind molded in a illustrated illusion
confused almost lost in the insanity of love

formatted forms of words unverblized
type shit that make mist form in her beautiful eyes
no more lies my pride indeed interwinted sippin'
crisp wine clouds linger above head
thoughts collect in mind its about
that one moment in time that we froze it
that shit was passionate
madd deep
no need to ever creep
receive this and let it seep
intentions meek although as is the meek will inherited the earth
or so by the time 18 came around I religously and politically lived my live
in sin
if thats exchanged value for loving you fu*k it i'll put in 2 life sentences
shall we begin

rapidly raping rhapsody
while in a
contrasted complex confused
waiting wanting waiting
damn needing
nonchalant nestled
lips lustfully licking
sucking sounds seductively
unmuted, uncut, untamed
explict ecxtasy ensue
creating chronicle choas
warrant wielding wettness
quirkly quick quivers
through-in through-out

Damn Right
its only for my baby make u cum back 2 back 2 back
she takes it like that pussy pulsating creamy cum raging
make that clit tingle tongue speech unbelievable
pleasin; you got me fienin'
come on ma lets get freaky
keep yur eyes on mine as I get in deep
peep its the greatest sex yet bet no contest
u get the gist

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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