by Trey

Yeah you're more like that
Sometimes I see your shadow
Or is it a vision in my head?
Am I drunk?
Is it like a bad wet dream?
I try and shake you off
Then come back to reality
Is it a mind fuck?
It's like a Ghetto Boys old track...Mind Playing Tricks On Me
Am I high?
I see that Coca-Cola bottle shaped body
Then it's not there anymore
Stop playing...
Fall through in vision form
I'm seeing double everytime
Over and over...
You scared of me?
Yeah I know
You scared of what I could do to you
What you waiting on?
I seen you around
Ducking and dodging
I'm constantly rubbing my eyes
Turning red
You make your presence known often
Sometimes you make the room stop for a moment in time
Graceful with yours
But yet, tough with your games
Tricks are for kids!
You trying to play quarterback and I guess I'm the wide receiver
Let me make a touchdown?
You rather intercept the pass
Lame for that though
Why you making me work?
So you more or less Anonymous like Bobby V says
I like that in you
You have me feelin' you
I'm caught up
You just a ghost to me
Let me get ghost from this game
But I hate to quit
You want me to follow, but I'm a leader!

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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