Lady Scorpian

we get played and we go back to the
play ground as if the first
incident wasn't bad enough
knowing what we gave up
and that the going was rough
are we dense?
keep hittin that head on the wall
wonderin why?
why we have a headache?
damn pick a letter
get a clue
how you treat me is how your next
will treat you
see i can honestly say to you
no one loved you like i do
i gave up literally
everything for you
and for undying love and devotion
you play me?
i never cheated on you
never tried
didn't hold a bible
in one hand while with
the other tell a lie
my head is swollen
with unshed tears
but if i am nothing i am a lady
and act truly as such
just know you've broken the heart
of a womyn who if possible
loved you too too much

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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