The following is a fictional parody, not approved of, nor authorized by, the celebrities named. None of the events are true. No harm is intended toward the celebrities named.

Stephanie Rose

I stepped out of the jet-black SUV onto the sidewalk just in front of the beach. Warm, rosy tones mixed with cool blue ones to form the famed Miami skyline. The warm golden sun, just rising, heated my skin and completed the picturesque sunrise. The boardwalk lay just in front of me, with a gorgeous beachfront cabana ahead. The golden sand beckoned me to run barefoot across its surface.

I was in South Beach, literally steps away from the most beautiful beachfront view I’d ever seen.

As the driver unloaded my equipment, I checked my reflection in the vehicle’s dark windows. I wore a paper-thin wool dress that came just above the knee. The soft black fabric caressed my toned frame perfectly. I cinched my waist with a wide gold belt that matched my gold ballet slippers, and added dark sunglasses to shield my eyes from the radiant sunlight. My hair, falling in loose waves, was pulled off of my face with a jeweled headband.

I took off my sunglasses, inhaled the salt water in the air and marveled at my good fortune.

I got the call last week from Francine, a production assistant for Essence magazine, with instructions to arrive on set at 6am. Their fashion and beauty departments were doing a special cover story featuring the gorgeous Gabrielle Union for their upcoming anniversary issue.

I was especially excited since this was my first out-of-town gig. I was flown into Miami last night, and was delighted with the luxurious hotel room that the Essence staff reserved for me. The Setai Hotel, located right in South Beach, was one of the best, and I was absolutely thrilled with the choice.

As I admired the majestic sunrise, it reminded me of how great life had been lately. I could hardly believe that my makeup artistry business was going so well. I was so fortunate to be working with some of the most famous African-American beauties in the business, and I loved every minute of it. My good luck, and maybe my cute look and fun personality, were working overtime to get me the perfect jobs.


It had been over two months since my longtime friend and former boss, Charlene Drew, passed my name along to Essence’s fashion editor, Rose Grandon.

Soon after, I met with Rose about her ideas for the shoot. We met at the magazine’s private photography studio in NYC. Once I arrived, I learned that Constance Sharpe, the magazine’s beauty editor would be joining us for my interview.

Rose Grandon was a fiery spirit with red-tipped locs to match. She was a gorgeous beauty, just over 6’ tall and lean, with elegant, slim features. Her light complexion was smooth and satiny, and looked absolutely delicious. Her brightly printed blouse and slim pants drew my eyes right to her. Normally I try to be quite reserved around women while I’m working, but this lady had me mesmerized from the very beginning.

In contrast, Constance Sharpe was a quiet beauty, adorned with a honey-brown complexion and long, curly hair in a stunning chestnut shade. She stood about 5’7”, with a lush, curvy figure. Her bright, pretty smile quickly put me at ease, and her delicate features piqued my interest. She wore a pretty royal-blue wrap dress, and her honey-colored cleavage immediately captured my attention. I’d been dating women for quite a while now, so I was incredibly pleased to be in the company of such lovely ladies.

The three of us hit it off immediately. As we chatted, I found out that Rose studied dance as a young girl, but quickly decided on a career in fashion once she learned how to sew as a teen. Later, she studied fashion design, where she learned about garments and their construction, and how clothes flowed on the body. She told me that she developed most of her sense of style by just studying regular people off the street. She said that she was fascinated with the clothes people wore, and how they developed their own personal style. Though she was just in her late 30s, she steadily worked her way up from unpaid college intern to fashion editor of the prestigious magazine.

She offered me a cup of tea, and I watched her make her way across the room to the kitchenette in the studio. She still danced as a hobby, and her walk was so graceful, that I held my breath watching her glide across the floor.

Constance didn’t speak much at all; she mostly nodded as she made notes in her daily planner. I noticed that it was the new style that came decorated with an expensive alligator-skin cover. She also quickly typed notes into the newest Blackberry.

We spoke for a few minutes about the look they wanted for Gabrielle’s photo shoot. Rose booked the beautiful African-American actress in order to both feature her new projects coming out, as well as showcase the hottest clothing lines of the new season.

Rose was very specific about the style she wanted for the overall layout: Her vision was to showcase Gabrielle as a fashionable South Beach socialite. The ocean view just beyond a lavish beachfront cabana would be the backdrop, and Gabrielle would model rich silk dresses, modern separates and stylish swimsuits.

Thankfully, I had done a similar look before, and both ladies were pleased at my results as they flipped through my photo book. Once we agreed upon a fee, they agreed to book me as part of the style team. I was particularly grateful since I had little experience with shoots this big.

Appreciative of the opportunity, and wanting to make the best first impression I could, I wore a fitted light blue blouse with a short, midnight-black skirt that seriously tested the laws of decency. Though I was petite, just at 5’4”, I worked hard to keep in the best shape possible, and they both seemed to appreciate it. I noticed that Rose’s eyes lingered on my legs a bit too long, but I was used to flirtatious women. She was too cool to approach me then, but I decided to keep my eyes on her. Constance continued to hold back, but as she hugged me goodbye, I felt her soft hands gently caress my back.

This was going to be an interesting job.


Today’s shoot was pretty straightforward: Gabrielle was the sole actress for the layout. Once she arrived, she’d go directly to wardrobe. When her final fittings were completed and her hair was styled, she would come to me for makeup. She would then be dressed and photographed directly on the beach.

The set was designed as a luxurious oceanfront cabana. Vibrant red, gold and blue tapestries were draped from the roof to the sand. An ornate sleigh bed sat in the middle of the structure, surrounded by small tables decorated with exquisite antique pieces. Tens of candles, all unlit but very colorful, also adorned the space.

A second, smaller “styling” villa was steps away, and housed the wardrobe and makeup rooms. Inside, racks of clothes sat by the door. A large table in front of a grand, full-length mirror was positioned toward the back of the room.

Two small production trailers sat between the two structures. The first trailer, I learned, was for catering; the other for additional equipment.

As I walked into the styling villa, I heard a loud voice behind me.


I spun. Rose quickly moved to embrace me. “I’m glad you’re here.” She checked her watch. “And you’re early! Even better!” She grabbed my hand. “Gabrielle is scheduled to be here shortly. In the meantime, let’s have some breakfast, shall we?”

I walked with her out to the catering trailer. Stepping in, I was pleased to see an elaborate buffet of delicious items. Grabbing a plate, I filled it with a selection of fresh fruit and a couple of warm, flaky croissants.

Following Rose, we walked outside to a short bench right on the beach near the sidewalk. We chatted for a few minutes, all the while me noticing her eyes again on my exposed legs underneath the hem of my dress. Chuckling, I silently bet that she’d hit on me before the day was over.

All of a sudden, a dark SUV pulled up to the curb just behind our bench. A woman with a medium-build and dark sunglasses hopped out of the passenger’s side and walked over to us.

We stood as Rose spoke first. “Hey, Melinda!” She turned back to me. “Nikii, this is Melinda Brown. Melinda is Gabrielle’s personal assistant. Melinda, this is Nikii Clarke. She’s today’s makeup artist.”

Melinda tipped her shades down to her nose and regarded me with an icy stare. “Nikii Clarke. I hear you’re friends with Charlene Drew?”

“Yes, I–”

Melinda rolled her eyes and abruptly turned back to Rose. “Gabrielle will be here shortly. Now, she has a tight schedule today. So the sooner we can get started, the better.”

As the three of us walked back to the styling villa, Melinda stopped me. “I need to talk to Rose privately. Can you…just go somewhere else?”

Well, damn. But I needed to remain professional. “Sure. No problem,” I smiled. “I’ll be inside if you need me.”

Back in the styling villa, I unpacked my makeup case. With nothing to do just yet, I chatted with a few of the production assistants.

As we talked, I heard a light voice.


I looked around to see Constance Sharpe walking toward me. She wore a close-fitting white button-down shirt with smartly tailored white capri pants. Next to her was a very pretty young lady; most likely in her early to mid 20’s. The girl was dressed in a hot pink silk blouse with jeans that hugged her slender legs.

“Hi Constance,” I smiled. Such pretty ladies. This job was getting better and better.

“Gabrielle should be here shortly,” Constance said. “First, she’ll get fitted for the outfits. Then she’ll go to hair, and then to you for makeup. In the meantime, let’s go over the looks we want today.” She paused. “Oh. By the way, this is Fran. She’s our production assistant. She’s the one who called you.”

“Hi, Nikii,” Fran said shyly.

I was immediately taken with Fran’s perfume. The scent of sandalwood adorned her trim body. I felt a delicious throb between my legs, but I was forced to ignore it for the time being.

Just then, Constance’s cell phone rang. She excused herself to take the call. Fran and I stood there grinning at each other for a moment. I couldn’t believe that I was so taken with this young lady.

Regaining my composure, I thanked her for being so professional when she called me. After that, she warmed up to me, and we really hit it off. While chatting, we grew much more comfortable with each other. We ended up talking about the industry, and I found out that, like me, she also had a love for fashion, beauty and style. We exchanged stories about working on set. She had me laughing with tales of being a young production assistant with such a celebrated magazine.

I wanted to ask her out badly, but I wasn’t sure if she even dated women. With her, I couldn’t really tell. I thought I noticed some interest, but I just wasn’t sure. But if the opportunity presented itself, I’d definitely take advantage of it.

A few minutes later, Rose, Constance and Melinda joined us. We had a quick meeting to discuss Gabrielle’s looks, and the mechanics of the shoot in general. Fortunately, I was also able to slide in a confirmation of my fee.

Once we were done, I stepped outside for a moment to enjoy the warm Miami sunshine. As I stood there, a black SUV pulled up to the curb, similar to the one Melinda rode in. The driver got out and opened the side door. I immediately recognized the milk chocolate Barbie doll, and my mouth began to water.

Clad in a simple gray tank top, denim shorts and dark sunglasses, Gabrielle Union carefully exited the SUV. Melinda hurried up to her and the two spoke quickly.

Surprisingly, Melinda led Gabrielle straight to me.

“Gabby, this is Nikii. She’s your makeup artist,” she said flatly.

“Aren’t you Charlene’s friend?” Gabrielle had the sexiest, most seductive voice I’d ever heard.

“Yes, Ms. Union. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Likewise. But call me Gabrielle. So…let’s get started, shall we?” Her sexy voice, low and husky, gave me delicious chills.


Gabrielle’s first shot featured her modeling a scarlet red crochet mini dress. The delicate spaghetti straps rested comfortably on her smooth, milk chocolate shoulders.

The front of the dress teased her chocolate nipples, which threatened to show through the intricate threaded pattern. The hem of the dress hit just at her mid thigh, exposing her creamy dark brown skin.

Wanting her makeup to complement her dress, I applied dramatic shades to highlight her beautiful dark skin. I decorated her eyes with a striking golden hue, and added jet-black mascara to her lashes. I used a rosy blush that gave her cheeks a sensual glow. To her lips, I applied a dramatic red lip color with just a hint of sheer gloss. Admiring herself in the mirror, she raved about how much she liked it.

They had her pose in the cabana, lying seductively on the bed. Once ready, she moved easily from pose to pose as the photographer snapped her lithe frame. Not surprisingly, the shots came out perfectly.

We next changed her into a flirty black silk blouse with black cuffed silk shorts. Draped over her shoulder was a thin, silk leopard-print wrap. Dark sunglasses completed the sophisticated look.

My job was easier this time. Rose asked me to do light, nude shades on her eyes and lips. Again, Gabrielle loved her look and praised me endlessly. All the while, Melinda stood quiet in the corner, but I felt her icy glare.

Once she was ready, she was sent back to the cabana. Again, she was flawless in her poses, and was totally comfortable in front of the camera. The shots were absolutely beautiful.

Rose called for a one-hour lunch break before we would style Gabrielle for the final shots.

After a quick bite to eat, I again took a seat outside on the bench to enjoy the atmosphere. Just then, I heard a soft voice call my name.

I turned to see Fran standing behind me with a wicked grin. “May I join you?”

I smiled at the pretty young woman. “Sure.”

“So, how’s it going?” she said as she took a seat next to me. She was so polite and sweet.

“Good. Kind of tired, though. I’ll be glad to get back to the hotel later.”

“A nice hot bath, huh?”

I sighed. “Yes. Steaming hot.”

“A massage, maybe?”

“I wish! I have a lonely hotel room waiting for me. And an empty condo in New York.”

“Oh,” she said. “So you’re…single?”

I grimaced. “Yeah. My job keeps me pretty busy. Too busy, sometimes.”

“I find it hard to believe that no one’s snapped you up yet.”

I wanted to turn the tables a bit. “Well, what about you? Are you with someone?”

“I broke up with my girlfriend over a month ago.”

Girlfriend? I perked up. “Oh yeah?”

“Yeah.” We winked at each other and laughed.

She gently touched my dress. “By the way, this is a really pretty outfit.”

That was my cue. “And you’re a really pretty girl.” I reached out and stroked her hair.

Suddenly she leaned into me and kissed me on the cheek. As sweet as it was, I didn’t want it taking place right on South Beach.

Reading my mind, she grabbed my hand. “Come on.”

Nearly running, she led me across the street to a large parking lot. Unlocking a black SUV, she ushered me into the back seat. Locking the door behind us, she spoke softly. “I’ve never done anything like this before. But you are so damned fine!” She slid her arms around my waist and pressed her lips against mine.

Fran ran her hands all over my body. I moaned at the delicious shivers that ran through me. I felt lightheaded as we continued to kiss passionately. I undid my belt and let it drop to the floor.

She whispered in my ear. “We don’t have much time.” She leaned in and kissed and licked my nipples through the thin fabric.

“Oooh,” I sighed.

Her voice deepened as her passion rose. “I want you so bad, baby.”

She knelt down in the cramped space and scooted between my legs. Lifting my dress, she slid her hands to my panties and expertly removed them.

“I’m gonna keep these,” she winked.

Suddenly, I felt a warm, wet sensation directly on my clit. I moaned uncontrollably as Fran’s tongue danced all over my wet pussy lips.

Other than my sighs and moans, the only noise in the SUV was the sound of Fran licking me gently, teasing me at first. Soon, however, her pace increased and her tongue moved faster and faster as she drank my juices.

“Oh, baby! That feels so good,” I sighed. Without thinking, my hands gently gripped her hair to direct her movements. “Yes, honey, yes. Honey, please don’t stop! Please…Oh baby!”

Taking this as her cue, she licked with more deliberate strokes. My honey flowed from deep within me and the exotic scent permeated my nostrils.

Grabbing my hips, she pulled me closer, never letting up on my sensitive clit. I threw my head back and lost myself in the delicious sensations. I could feel my orgasm building quickly, so I reached under my dress to caress my rock-hard nipples.

“Don’t stop, baby! I’m almost there,” I moaned. “Please make me cum, baby…Please! I need it baby. I need it so bad…Oh God, baby…Baby, please!”

Licking faster and faster, Fran’s lips kissed and sucked my delicate jewel. Higher and higher I climbed until the sensations were unbearable. Fran’s attention to my wet pussy was almost too much.

“Oh baby! Baby, pleeeeease!” I moaned over and over. “Your tongue feels so good…Ah…Ahhhh…Oh God!”

All at once, my body exploded as if dynamite had been set off. “Ahhhhh!” I screamed in ecstasy as my body turned into molten lava. Grateful, Fran licked up the sweet nectar that almost spilled out of me.

Panting, I tried to regain my composure as Fran raised off of the floor and sat next to me on the seat. I pulled her into a heated embrace and kissed her deeply. Tasting my own sugary sweetness, my pussy tingled again with pleasure.

Before I could return the favor – and I fully planned to turn her little ass out – her cell phone rang. Lunch hour was over and we were being summoned back to set.

I kissed her again and hugged her tight. “Later, baby,” I whispered. “I promise.”

She nodded as we exited the SUV, but not after programming our numbers into each other’s phones.


As I walked back to the set, I ran into Melinda.

“Nikii? Can I see you for a moment?”

She led me behind the building. “First, I have nothing against you. Or your kind. Just do me a favor, ok? Stay away from Ms. Union.”

What? I thought. It’s Ms. Union now? Ok.

She continued before I could respond. “For some reason she’s…taken with you. Now I can’t control her or her personal life. But I can make life difficult for you if you interfere,” she snapped. “Do I make myself clear?”

I was on the verge of snapping right back at her, but I kept cool for a moment. I wasn’t going to let this nosy, bitter woman throw me off my game. “Crystal,” I replied.

Her mood instantly brightened. “Good. And actually, I think you’ve done a good job so far,” she offered. Then her mood immediately darkened again. “But I need for you to stay in your place. And, unless it’s work related, stay away from Ms. Union.” As fast as she arrived, she turned and left me standing there alone.

By now I was fuming, but what could I do? This was my biggest job to date, and I couldn’t afford to be blacklisted. But I had to smile. Gabrielle was “taken” with me? I laughed. I guess I had it goin’ on.


Entering the styling villa, I prepared for the final shots. Soon after, Gabrielle came in, wearing a soft pink bathrobe, and flanked by Melinda and two stylists. Gabrielle sat at the table and I prepped her skin for the final makeup application.

Her final look would feature her modeling a silvery metallic swimsuit. I applied a shimmery pink eye shadow to her lids and a glittery bronzer to her cheeks. I kept her lips rich and luscious with a vibrant deep rose lipstick and a very light gloss.

Looking in the mirror, she smiled. “That looks beautiful, Nikii.” Her husky voice still excited me. “You’re very talented,” she said as she rose to leave.

“Not yet. I have one last surprise.” I winked playfully at her. She grinned and sat back down. As I looked up, Melinda had a stern look on her face.

Ignoring her for the moment, I pulled a small black box out of my makeup case.

“Take a look at these.” Lifting the cover, inside were tens of tiny Swarovski crystals. They ranged in color from clear to light blue, and from rose to yellow.

“Oooh! Those are so pretty!” she exclaimed.

“I’m going to place a few of these crystals around your eyes for a dramatic accent. And I’m using regular old eyelash glue, so they’ll come off easily.”

“Go for it, babygirl!” She high-fived me, and we giggled. I glanced across the room. Melinda’s bitchface almost made me burst out laughing.

Carefully, I applied the delicate crystals around her eyes. The clear stones would be the perfect match to the metallic swimsuit.

Finally finished, I stepped back so we could admire her look.

My breath caught. Her almond-shaped eyes sparkled more brightly than the crystals. The gloss on her lips made them delightfully lickable. Her dark tresses lay in gorgeous waves across her shoulders.

Our eyes locked in the mirror. Heat was rising in me fast.

“Gabby, let’s get you changed,” Melinda interrupted.

As she left, Gabrielle gave me a quick hug. “Thanks, hon!”

Just then, a flurry of activity was at the door. I heard a shout. “Gabby!”

I turned to see a surprising sight.

The beautiful Christina Milian strolled into the room, followed by a slim, buttermilk-colored Latin beauty.

Christina was simply gorgeous, clad in only a sparkling gold bikini top and denim shorts. Her golden hair, in deliciously curly ringlets, hung seductively down her back. Her honey-colored skin was simply radiant. She was so adorable, yet at the same time devilishly captivating.

“Hey, Sunshine!” Gabrielle exclaimed as the two ladies hugged. “How are you? I’m glad you made it! I didn’t think you’d have the time.”

Christina laughed. “Girl, I’m fine. Of course I had to come and see my number one girl while I’m in town!” She paused. “And my interview doesn’t start until later, so I’m good.” Christina stopped and looked at her closely. “Girl, your makeup is fierce!” she exclaimed. “I love those crystals!”

Gabrielle turned to me. “This is Nikii. Nikii Clarke. She’s the magician today. Her work is excellent.”

Nervously, I shook Christina’s soft hand. “Hi there. It’s nice to meet you Ms. Milian.”

“Girl, it’s Christina.” She turned to the lady next to her. “This is Jasmin Ramirez, my stylist.”

Jasmin gave me a friendly wave. Her bright smile put me at ease.

Gabby spoke again. “Christina, let’s go outside in the sun for a minute while they get my wardrobe together.”

I stood in awe as the ladies walked outside, chatting all the while.

I had to admit: I loved my job.


The final shots featured Gabrielle directly on the sand. Her lean body lay seductively out in the sun. Even the photographer was sweating while shooting her luscious body. A small crowd gathered to watch. It seemed as though we were all mesmerized by her natural beauty.

A few minutes later, Rose declared that the shoot was a wrap. I’d seen some of the film, and it was impressive. Gabrielle’s sexy poses lit a roaring inferno in me.

Composing myself, I quickly removed Gabrielle’s makeup and thanked her for the opportunity. As I finished, Christina and Jasmin came back in to chat with her. I thought I should say goodbye to Melinda, but, thankfully, she was nowhere to be found. Strangely, neither was Fran. I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t get to say goodbye to her, but I had her number and I’d make sure to call her later.

As I packed up my equipment, Rose and Constance gave me my check and said I was free to leave. They both hugged me and said that they were impressed with my work. They also said they’d be calling me again in the future.


Exhausted, rather than wait for a ride, I just caught a cab back to the hotel. After unpacking and undressing, I drew a hot bath in the huge whirlpool tub, and poured in a generous amount of bubble bath. While it filled, I stepped out onto the balcony and enjoyed the serene Miami sunset. The magnificent colors – deep oranges, reds and blues – relaxed my spirit. Once my bath was ready, I soaked my tired body for what seemed like forever.

All of a sudden, the hotel phone rang, interrupting my relaxation. My first instinct was to just let it ring. I normally used my cell phone for all my calls. However, it might be Rose or Constance, so I quickly came to my senses and jumped out of the tub.


“Hi. Nikii?”

Was it–? It couldn’t be. “Yes, this is she.”

“It’s Gabrielle. I hope I’m not disturbing you.”

Was she kidding? “No. Of course not.”

“I found out from Rose that you’re staying in the Setai too. I’m a few floors above you.”

Wow. The Universe must really love me. “What can I do for you?”

She paused. “I was wondering…I’ve got a couple of your crystals. I think they fell off while we were shooting. I wanted to make sure you got them back.”

“Oh, it’s ok. I’m sure you’re busy.”

“No. I insist.”

I got excited. “Do you want me to come up?”

“No,” she said a little too quickly. “I mean,” her voice lowered, “I’m not alone. I’ll just come down there, ok?”

“Sure. I’ll be here.”

“Thanks.” Then she hung up.

Quickly, I dried off and threw on my silk bathrobe to cover my damp, naked body. The royal blue fabric teased my rigid nipples, making them even harder.

Ten minutes later, there was a soft knock at the door. I opened it, and Gabrielle stepped in. Her dark hair was pulled into a neat updo. She wore a white tank top and a short white cotton skirt. Her rich chocolate legs were firm and luscious.

She reached into her bag and handed me a small piece of folded-up fabric. “I didn’t know how to carry these, so I just wrapped them up. I hope that’s ok.”

“It’s fine. They’ll be fine.” I felt my heart beating furiously in my chest.

She turned to the window. “It’s such a beautiful sunset, isn’t it? Like paradise on Earth.”

“Yes it is. Miami is turning out to be my favorite place. I think I just might relocate here.”

“I totally understand. I have a place here myself. If you do decide to move, you’ll love it.” She looked at me. “You know, I was really pleased with your work today. But I hoped you’d come with us out to dinner.”

“Dinner?” I was confused. “I didn’t know you all were going out.”

She frowned. “I told Melinda to invite you personally.”

I sighed. “I didn’t get the message. But I’m not surprised.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Nevermind. I’m sorry.”

“No, wait. Did Melinda say something to you?”

“Ms. Union–”


“Ok. Gabrielle. I can’t afford any problems right now.” I got nervous. “I’m new to this biz. I can’t–”

“She told you to keep your distance from me, didn’t she?”

Surprised, I nodded.

Gabrielle sighed. “She’s a really good person.” She sat on the foot of my bed. “She’s looking out for my well-being. She doesn’t want to see me get hurt.”

She motioned me to sit next to her. “But I know what I want.” Boldly, she reached out and gripped my chin. Her touch was firm and gentle all at the same time. “I’m a pretty good judge of people. I have to be, in this business. I can tell you’re a sweetheart. Not like the sharks I deal with on a daily basis.” She stroked my hair, still slightly damp from my bath. “You’re a good person. Very good. And Charlene says you’re wonderful.”

I sighed. Charlene again. I had to talk to that girl and fast. But Char had been cleverly avoiding my calls for the past few weeks; our only contact being through a series of brief text messages. But before I could protest, Gabrielle’s full lips captured mine in a heated kiss. Passion swirling out of control inside of me, I kissed back.

Shaking off my nerves, I lost myself deeper into our hot kisses.

Suddenly she stood up. “Let’s get comfortable.” With a grand gesture, she pulled her hairpins out, and let her full, long tresses shake free. Next, she grabbed the hem of her tank top and slowly raised it above her head, stripping it off. Nude underneath, her luscious breasts sat deliciously high on her chest.

She twirled and did a cute pirouette. We giggled.

I slid back on the bed so that my back rested against the headboard. “Are you going to give me a show?” I joked.

“Oh, you want a show?” She turned her back to me. Playfully, she shook her cute tush. I heard a snap as she undid her skirt. Wiggling her ass, she shimmied out of the skirt and kicked it across the room. She turned back around and stood in front of me, clad in only a cute pair of sparkly pink panties.

I motioned her to me.

She crawled seductively onto the bed and slid on top of me, lightly kissing my heated flesh on the way. She undid the tie on my bathrobe and slid it off of my heated body.

Boldly, I flipped her onto her back and my lips went directly to her scrumptious breasts. I licked and nipped the chocolate flesh until she moaned in ecstasy.

As I teased the soft skin, I felt her hands in my hair pulling me closer.

Kissing down her sweet body, I flicked my tongue in her navel. Giggling, she squirmed underneath me.

“Ticklish, huh?” I launched into a full-on tickle assault.

“No!” she squealed, and wriggled to get away. Laughing, I held her down and teased her until she was out of breath.

Finally, I released my grip. As she panted, trying to catch her breath, I shocked her by stripping off her panties and diving directly into her sugary wetness.

“Oh God!” she screamed. Her hot body lifted up off of the bed.

I held her hips as I licked and sucked her wet pussy.

After a few minutes, I drew back. “Open your legs wider,” I ordered.

She spread her legs wider, exposing her pink jewel. I leaned back in and used the tip of my tongue to gently trace her swollen lips. Her taste was warm and tangy, and her scent went directly into my brain. I loved eating her wet, juicy pussy.

“Oh yes, baby,” she moaned. “Lick me, baby! Lick my wet pussy!”

I looked up. Her hands caressed her breasts, and her slim fingers teased her hardened nipples. Her pretty face was flushed with passion and her mouth hung open.

Her delicious honey flowed from deep within, and I lapped it up quickly. My own throbbing need almost consumed me, but I was determined to satisfy this chocolate doll first.

Lifting her legs up onto my shoulders, I buried my head in her wetness.

“Baby,” she wailed. “Baby, I love it!”

I tongued her swollen clit over and over. Her body twisted and turned on the bed, tangling the sheets. I could feel her legs shake as her passion increased. I kissed her clit repeatedly, making her moan even louder.

“Oh, baby. Baby, eat me!” she cried. “Eat my pussy, Nikii! Baby, pleeeeease!”

I paused for a moment to reach toward the nightstand and grab a small black pouch.

Her eyes grew large as I removed a soft pink vibrator and a small packet. Ripping the condom package open, I deftly unrolled the latex over the toy. Diving back between her legs, I easily slid it into her wetness.

Her back arched and she cried out. “Oh, oh, oh!” I stifled a giggle at her surprise.

Moving the toy in and out, I concentrated wet, juicy circles with my tongue on her clit.

“More. Keep going, baby!” she moaned. “Don’t stop, honey! Oooooh! Don’t stop!”

I kept up the delicious pressure on her pink gem. As I felt her body tremble, and heard her moans intensify, I knew she was close. Spreading her legs wider, I licked as hard and as fast as I could.

I could see her stomach muscles tightening and hear her breathing become more labored. “I’m so close,” she moaned. “Don’t stop!”

In and out, I stroked her deeply with the vibrator, inching closer and closer to her sweet spot.

All of a sudden, she tensed up. “I’m cumming! Oh God, I’m cumming! Now, baby, now!”

As she peaked, I turned the dial on the vibrator from off to high. The insistent buzz was drowned out by her passionate screams. Her warm juices flowed copiously, bathing my face in her sweet nectar.

Keeping up the in-and-out movement, I turned the dial up and down, and continued teasing her swollen clit. The shocking movements set off another explosion in her body, and another.

Abandoning the toy, I held her hips and hung on tight through her multiple orgasms. I kept licking her sweet pink pearl over and over, delighting in the sweet taste. My face was nearly drenched with her delicious elixir.

Finally, after an eternity, she seemed to be calming down. Temporarily sated, she continued to tremble as she sighed with pleasure. Her body then gave out and she went limp. I gently removed the toy, and softly kissed the insides of her thighs. She giggled at the ticklish sensations. I continued to nuzzle at her damp flesh.

“Nikii!” she laughed. “You are wonderful! Come ‘ere.”

The bed sheets lay tangled underneath us as we embraced and kissed gently.

“Now it’s your turn.” She licked my neck and bit me softly. Her lips felt so good. My hardened nipples waited expectantly for her soft tongue. My body was a blazing inferno and I couldn’t wait much longer for my release. My throbbing pussy nearly made me come undone.

Just then, I heard the soft chime of a cell phone.

She groaned. “Shit! It’s mine.” She slid off the bed and ran to her handbag.


I panted as she spoke to the caller quickly, but firmly. I sensed the beginnings of an argument. My passion dropped a few notches as I tried not to listen.

“Yeah. Sure. Fine.” Irritated, she snapped the phone shut. She sighed heavily. “Baby, that was Melinda. I have to go.”

She quickly began to dress and pull herself together. “I have to get to the airport. Turns out, I snagged an audition in L.A. But it’s first thing tomorrow morning, so I have to fly out tonight.” She gave me a sad look. “I’m sorry.”

She reached back into her handbag and handed me a small, white envelope.

I waved her off. “Rose already paid me for the day.”

She insisted. “Consider it…overtime,” she winked. I felt a bit weird, but took the envelope anyway and placed it on the nightstand.

Suddenly, she snapped her fingers. “Oh! Before I forget. What are you doing a couple of weekends from now?”

“I have a couple of jobs early in the week, but after that, I think I’m free. What do you need?”

“It’s not me, hon. It’s Christina. She absolutely loved your work. She’s appearing at the MTV Video Music Awards in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks. She’s looking for a couple of girls for her style team. It’s going to be a pretty big job. She’s hosting a party, and doing some interviews, and I think she’s doing a red carpet gig for MTV. Are you interested?”

Ws she kidding? “Sure! I’d love to help.”

“I’ll let her know. Give me your number, and I’ll pass it along to her and Jasmin.”

Quickly I leapt off the bed, grabbed a pen and paper off of the desk and scribbled down my contact information.

Taking the paper, she embraced me and gave me a soft kiss on the cheek. “Thanks, baby!” She waved as she left the room.

I grabbed the envelope and stepped back onto the balcony. Opening it, I found a personal check made out to me for a very generous amount. I chuckled.

Just then, my cell phone chimed. Checking the display, it was Fran. She was texting me to see if I wanted to hang out.

I had to smile.

Life was definitely good.


The End

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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