by Colette Reeche

Just for me to feel alright, I come to you in the dark of night.

Knock on your room, room 305, I do ya just to feel alive.

A passion I just cannot fight. I leave them home. I’m not contrite.

Slide hand under sheet and grip your thigh.

Your eyes are squinting, your voice so high.

You moan like I like it and whisper my name.

Your chest rises and falls. You remember our game.

I take off my hat, my shoes, and my jacket.

You reach up to check what I am packin’.

I say, “Yeah girl, it’s there. Are you wai’in’ for this?”

You say, “Yeah Stud, I know you know it’s what I miss.”

You sit up, take my hand, and place it wide on your throat.

I squeeze it and stroke it. Then my head starts to float.

I say, “what’s the stop-word?” and you say that it’s “freeze”.

I unbuckle my belt, drop my pants and you squeeze

My head and my shaft. Start to moan, but I stop you,

Got you tight round the neck. Just can’t wait ‘til I pop you.

I snatch back the sheets. Window light shows hard nipples.

I pinch ‘em. Then I bite ‘em. A hot shock through you ripples.

I climb right on top, take my shirt off and then.

Sit up high on your breasts, stroke myself near your chin.

Yeah, your breast is all slippery cuz I’m riding you fast.

Then I hold down your wrists and you scream, “Fuck my ass!”

Now you beggin’ to have it that way, but I stall.

Order you to get up and to lean on the wall.

I’m behind you and slapping your ass with my thang.

Taunt me, “Give me my dick, Stud. Fuck me now, can’t you hang?”

You get up on your toes, brace yourself, then I trick ya.

Finger you, stroke your clit for a while fo’ I stick ya.

Pin you a-gainst that wall, 'til your voice is so small,

‘Til you’re sweating and begging, “Daddy, give me it all!”

Tell you to spell it out, tell me just what you need,

How you miss and want to suck me. Gotta hear you, b_tch, plead!

Make you wait because this is just part of our game,

Lift you up ‘round my waist and tongue kiss you the same

As I do when you’re working, traveling in from Brazil,

And you come in my office, a few moments to steal.

In my desk there are panties from your travels before

When you walk in I grab you and I lock up that door.

Run my hand up your skirt, find you’re wearing thigh-highs,

Dip my finger in your well, suck it off as hips rise

To my desktop where you serve pussy hot off the plane

And I suck it, girl, lick it as you breathe out my name.

Wait a moment, I digress, we’re back at your hotel,

‘Cuz I can’t bring you home with them there. Uhm. Oh well.

So you’re grinding my waist, but it ain’t quite time yet.

So you say, “Put me down, I know just what you’ll get!”

I lie down and you hang luscious breasts in my face,

And I shiver and shudder taking in your white lace.

You unsnap your bra front. Double D’s fall right out.

Babe, I suck'um and cum. Then I swear and you shout!

“Now you ready to give me that strokin’ I’m missin’?”

I reach down and jack it, cuz I’m keepin’ you wishin’.

Til you’re down on your knees, where I want you at last

And you’re blowing my head and I’m talkin’ my trash.

Serve it to your deep throat, cream with hot cum again,

Then I say,“Now it’s time for the fun to begin!”

Lean you over the chair arm so I get a good view.

Slide my dil in your pussy. It’s so good and it’s just… Whew!

Your foundation it shakes right along with your breasts.

Your ass bouncin’, you come over and over. Do not rest.

Lay you down on the bed, beat your tits with my dil.

Rub those big brown breasts over me 'til I lose all my will.

Then we come again hard, stroke you until you weep.

And I kiss you all over and we fall off to sleep.

When you wake, it is light. You’re “tied up” for the day.

“Since I’ve stayed out all night, we’re done playing,” I say.

“Let me go to the bathroom. Take the cuffs lose,” you say.

“First I’ll fuck you,” I say, “Fuck that urge right away.”

I look at you, eyes large, breasts laying over the sides.

Then I make you confess, say who else takes this ride.

Find you’re flirty and naughty when you go to Brazil

Stick my dick in your mouth plus two spares in you still.

Now you’re buckin’ and gagging. I’m over you on my knees.

“Huh? Excuse me Love, I’m not sure, but did you say, ‘freeze’?”

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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